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Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 987.654.321
Location :

Clip On Tuner for Guitar n Bass CT-20 Rp 150.000,-

CM40 - Chromatic Tuner / Metronome Rp 150.000,-

Samson Meteor Mic - USB Studio Microphone Rp 600.000,-

Samson G-Track USB Microphone and Audio Interface Rp 1.300.000,-
What's in the Box
Samson G-Track, Desktop Mic Stand, Swivel Stand Mount, USB cable, 1/4-Inch Cable, User's Manual, Cakewalk's Sonar LE

C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone Rp 1.090.000,-
C01u - Rp 800.000,-

C03U Pak - Recording / Podcasting Pak Rp 1.815.000,-

Samson Q6 CL - Rp 250.000,-

Samson Q7 - Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic Rp 250.000,-

Samson Q8 - Dynamic Handheld for Live Rp 750.000,-

Samson R21S (Vocal Mic), with cable, mic clip
Rp. 200.000

Samson R31S - Rp 225.000,-

Samson R10S - Rp 200.000,-

Samson Q7VP ( Q7 Dynamic Mic, Boom Mic Stand, Durable Mic Clip, 25' Low Noise Mic Cable,System Gig Bag ) Rp 600.000,-

Samson Q1U - Dynamic USB Microphone Rp 450.000,-

Samson Q2U - Recording Pak Rp 650.000,-

Terdiri dari : Microphone, headphone, table mic stand, XLR cable, USB cable,
Mic holder, manual book, CD.

Samson Go Mic - Portable USB Condenser Microphone Rp 450.000,-

SAMSON C01 - Condenser Mic Rp 600.000,-

SAMSON C01/SR850 - Condenser Mic / Headphones Bundle Rp 750.000,-

SAMSON C02 - Pencil Condenser Microphones Rp 520.000,- single pack isi 1
SAMSON C02 - Pencil Condenser Microphones Rp 850.000,- double pack isi 2

Samson C03 - Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Rp 750.000,-

Samson SP01 Shockmount Rp 360.000,-
Spider mount for C01, C03, CL7, CL8 and C01U condenser mics.

CL7 - Studio Condenser Microphone Rp 1.030.000,-

CL8 - Multi-pattern Studio Condenser Mic Rp 1.300.000,-

WS03 - Condenser Windscreen Rp 40.000,-

Head Phone Samson's SR850 isi 1 Rp 300.000,-
Head Phone Samson's SR850 isi 2 Rp 550.000,-

SAMSON S-direct plus Rp 480.000,-

SAMSON S-direct - Direct Box Rp 350.000,-

Samson DK7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit Rp 2.500.000,-

Samson DK8 8-Piece Drum Microphone Kit Rp 3.200.000,-

SAMSON PS01 Pop Filter Rp 170.000,-

Samson SE10-T (Headworn Condenser Mic) Rp. 700.000

PS10 Power Strip - Rp. 650.000,-

PowerBrite PB10 - Rp 950.000,-

POWERBRITE PB10 PRO - 1.250.000,-

AF-1/CR77 WIRELESS for FENDER / Strat model - Rp. 2.000.000

AG-1/CR77 WIRELESS for GIBSON / Les Paul Model - Rp. 2.000.000

Servo 300 - Power Amplifier - Rp 2.200.000,-
Description :

SX1200 - Power Amplifier - Rp 3.480.000,-
Description :
SX1800 - Power Amplifier - Rp 3.980.000,-
Description :
SX2400 - Power Amplifier - Rp 4.700.000,-
Description :
SX2800 - Power Amplifier - Rp 5.300.000,-
Description :
SX3200 - Power Amplifier - Rp 5.850.000,-
Description :

L1200 - 12-channel/4-bus professional mixing console - Rp 3.350.000,-
Description :

L2000 - 20-channel/4-bus professional mixing console - Rp 4.550.000,-
Description :

C-com 16 ( 16 Preset Compressor ) - Rp 850,000
Description :

S-com 4 - Four Channel Compressor/Gate - Rp 1.600.000,-
Description :

S-com plus - Stereo Compressor Limiter - Rp 1.250.000,-
Description :

S-3 way - Stereo/Mono Crossover - Rp 1.600.000,-
Description :

Drum Mic Clip Samson DMC100 (3pc) - Rp 200,000
Description :

Phantom Power Supply Samson S.Phantom - Rp 500,000
Description :

Speaker Stand Samson LS2 Light Weight - Rp 450,000
Description :

Speaker Stand Samson TS50P Telescoping Pole - Rp 850,000/sepasang
Description :

Speaker Stand Samson TS100 Heavy Duty - Rp 450,000
Description :

Speaker Stand Samson TS20 Telescoping Mounting Pole - Rp 350,000
Description :

Monitor Stands Samson MS100 - Rp 550,000
Description :

Monitor Stands Samson MS200 - Rp 600,000
Description :

Mic Stand Samson, Mini BOOM MB1 - Rp 450,000
Description :

Mic Stand Samson, Boom Mic Kit w/cable, clip, windscreen MK5 - Rp 400,000
Description :

Mic Stand Samson, Telescopic Boom BT4 - Rp 400,000
Description :

Mic Stand Samson, Ultra Light boom BL3 - Rp 250,000
Description :

MK10 - Lightweight Boom Stand Rp 200.000,-

Dekstop Mic Stand Samson, Weighted Metal Base MD5 - Rp 175,000
Description :

Equipment Rack Samson SRK8, 8 Rack Space (8 yu) - Rp 1,150,000
Equipment Rack Samson SRK12, 12 Rack Space (12 yu) - Rp 1,250,000
Equipment Rack Samson SRK16, 16 Rack Space (16 yu) - Rp 1,350,000
Description :
Size :

Instrument Cable Samson 10'- IC10 (2pcs) - Rp 150,000
The Samson IC10 10 foot jack to jack cable (2 Pack).
The Samson IC10. 10 Foot instrument jack lead with Neutrik connectors.

* High quality nickel plated Neutrik 1/4 inch plugs
* Low noise cable with braided shield
* Heat shrink strain relief

Instrument Cable Samson 20'- IC20 (2pcs) - Rp 200,000

Mic Cable Samson 5,5 m MC18(3pcs) - Rp 200,000
Description :

Mic Cable Samson 25' TM25 - Rp 175,000

Mic Cable Samson 30' TM30 - Rp 200,000

Flange Mount Samson, XLR w/cable For Podium MIC XFM1 - Rp 200,000

SAMSON MediaOne 3a - Active Studio Monitors Rp 900.000,-
Specs :
SAMSON MediaOne 4a - Active Studio Monitors Rp 1.300.000,-
Specs :
SAMSON MediaOne 5a - Active Studio Monitors Rp 1.800.000,-
Specs :

RESOLV A5 = Rp. 2.520.000
Description :
RESOLV A6 = Rp. 3.000.000
Description :
RESOLV A8 = Rp. 3.500.000
Description :

RUBICON R5A = Rp. 3.500.000
Description :
RUBICON R6A = Rp. 4.330.000
Description :
RUBICON R8A = Rp. 4.600.000
Description :

STUDIO DOCK 3i = Rp. 1.295.000
Description :

STUDIO DOCK 4i = Rp. 1.720.000
Description :

STUDIO GT = Rp. 1.650.000
Description :


EXPEDITION 40i = Rp 2.600.000
Description :

EXPEDITION 308i = Rp 4.900.000
Description :

EXPEDITION 510i = Rp 6.000.000
Description :


AURO D412 (12" - 2 Way Active) - Rp 2.600.000/pc
Description :
AURO D415 (15" - 2 Way Active) - Rp 3,100.000/pc
Description :

DB500a (400W LF, 100W HF) - Active Loudspeaker - Rp 5.000.000/pc
Description :

RS12M HD - Wedge Monitor (Passive) - Rp 1.600.000/pc
Description :

RS15 HD - PA Enclosure (Passive) = Rp 1.800.000/pc
Description :

RS215 HD - PA Enclosure (Passive) = Rp 2.900.000/pc
Description :

BEHRINGER Complete Products - BNIB

ARTcessories Pro Audio - Complete

[CENTER]available some products :


Harga udah nett, dan sewaktu-waktu bs berubah..ada juga tipe2 yang lain selain yg di atas, tanya aja , mudah2an masih ada stok

HUB 02171131245 atau 081219144321

FOLLOW and MENTION @Anunk_19

Quote:Original Posted By Bonkzu
Liat thread, telpon, janjian terus barusan banget COD sama juragan,
Pesan sejam yang lalu, barusan sudah dianter ke rumah,
Pelayanan pastinya memuaskan deh.
Buat kaskuser gw cuma mo bilang


Quote:Original Posted By anakira
mas rendah hati emang bener2 rendah hati..


bela-belain cari barang yg ane mau yg lagi kosong d lapaknya..
nyampe jg ke papua dengan selamat sentosa.

cocok dah buat anak band yg no maden kaya ane..

Quote:Original Posted By JamesOwen_a7x
bro, sesuai janji gw, ni testi dari gw

Jangan ragu kalo mo beli barang ama bro yang satu ini, dijamin gak mengecewakan::

Review dari gw
Barang: ::::mulus n kinyis2)
Harga: :::terjangkau buat anak kuliahan)
Pelayanan: ::::Fast response
Packing: :::sampai dgn selamat pokoke)
Overall: ::::

Bro satu ini emang :

Jgn lupa nya yak

Quote:Original Posted By rou3848
Wuiiihhhhh.......pesen barang Sound System puluhan kilo nyampe juga ke Riau tanpa cacat !!!!

Beli barang ama agan rendahhati.........
1. Barang Baru bergaransi.
2. Harga sangat kompetitif.
3. Komunikasi sangat Friendly.
4. Packing rapi dan aman.

Emang agan rendahhati patut dijadikan "RECOMMENDED SELLER"

Next Reorder ya gan......

Quote:Original Posted By xdonzx_sxe
sumpah dah... ni orang


TOP ABIS DAH GAN,.,, jangan ragu order sama agan rendahhati...
ingat, yg "h" nya 2 ya gan..klo yg laen kagak tau ane...hehehehe


Quote:Original Posted By wakazen
bantu up ah. hehe.


Abis ambil tuning machine gotoh di futsal city hujan2. klo ada pot 250 solid sama jack fender/switchcraft langsung kabarin ya.. hehe..

Quote:Original Posted By nofickfumi
Makasih ya Om....

FS6 udah sampai dengan selamat di rumah heheh

jangan kapok ya klo saya banyak nanya hehehhe

buat kaskuser yg mo order ga usah khawatir nih dah gw buktiin...aman & slalu jawab pertanyaan ane lewt sms..ini mah judlnya...

Recomended Seller

Quote:Original Posted By papleumo
hari rabu sore tgl 16 des `09 ane tlp ts untuk booking tabung gas kosong.
Ane minta diantar esoknya, hari kamis sore, skitar jam 19.00 wib barang sudah tiba di tkp, servis sangat bagus dan memuaskan...

recommended seller
top markatop

Quote:Original Posted By juni666
abis cod an ma seller nya sabtu lalu di lb bulus ... Seller nya ramah banget ... N ga kalah menarik madu nya juga ok ... Muantabz !!!!

Quote:Original Posted By qqnavirlie
thx bro r306nya.. Barang mulus, maknyus, nyokap gw langsung suka .. Disangkanya gw bli hape baru

orangnya enak lagi diajak codan. Gk neko2.. Mau ketemu ditengah2 bekasi-jatiwaringin :d:d

pantes lah ente disebut

thx sukses jualan lainnya

Quote:Original Posted By raapril
Thanx bgt ya... Kirimannya dah sampe tadi siang.
Wahhh... Lucu bgt , bahannya jg bgs. Pokoknya siiip deh..

kayaknya aku bakal pesen lagi nihh....

Quote:Original Posted By ShenChan
Tak Kuduga 1: ternyata jualan FX juga toh..
Tak Kuduga 2: pengiriman ke jogja cuma sehari..!!
Tak Kuduga 3: harganya miring oi...
Tak Kuduga 4: Sound BassQ semakin ciamik setelah pake BOSS DD7 dari Bang Anung..!!
Tak Kuduga 5: Bang Anung emg

oiya ni penampakan dari DD-7:

oiya bantu sundul nih...


Quote:Original Posted By Testakraze
barang dah nyampe,
ckckck packingnya bagus amat ya

khusus packingnya gua kasih 4 jempol dah

dikasih koran, kain, karung goni, kotak, plastik, lakban wuakkakaka 6 lapis, mantap

Quote:Original Posted By cyberfuck
Barang dah sampai gan.. bener" muluss... thx gan.

agan yang satu ney...!!!

Quote:Original Posted By joejeremy
gan, bass head 2 duanya sudah sampai dengan selamat di rumah ane! karna itu ane nobatkan ente sebagai RECCOMENDED SELLER

Quote:Original Posted By user0
two words buat agan ini RECOMMENDED SELLER
tinggal tanyakan yg agan mau, ntar dicek stoknya klo g ada, direkomendasikan barang (sejenis) yg tersedia, sangat informatif...benar benar penjual yang baik...setelah transaksi deal tanpa babibu pasti barangnya dikirim secepatnya...makanya sy merekomendasikan agan yang 1 ini untuk keperluan drumming saya...thanks ya gan...

Quote:Original Posted By raflyyan
mau kasih testi lagi nih gak bosen2nya ane ngasih tanda
tadi abis COD an ama mas anung orangnya ramah banget, pelayannya enak banget pokonya RECOMENDED SELLER

Quote:Original Posted By rizkyvebia
Lapor mas anunk yang rendahhati,Zoom G2.1 Nu,udah mendarat di tempat ane dengan sukses,udah dua kali ane beli barang ke mas anunk,22nya sangat memuaskan. Fast response,fast delivery n dapet diskon pula. Sekali lagi agan rendah hati ane sebut sebagai
Sukses trus mas buat jualannya

Quote:Original Posted By 0700717062
mas anung, maaf baru kasih testi

TESTI gwe tentang mas anung (rendahhati) :

gilaaa, emang dah dari dulu gwe ini jadi langganan bro rendahhati (mas anung) buat beli hardware drum dan stand bass gitar.. Ternyata pas kmren gwe pengen beli snare MAPEX yang MAPLE itu, bro anung lgsg ngajakin COD di poins square, lebak bulus. BARANGNYA MULUS ABISS..!! 100% BARU..!! GW DIKASIH BONUS PULA

Kesimpulan :


Dengan ini saya nyatakan sekali lagi bahwa bro anung (rendahhati) ini adalah


Salam dari Archie "MusiKecil Band"



TAMA SNARES and Double Pedal

Sabian HHX - LEGACY Hats and GROOVE Hats

Line6- RELAY G30 dan G50 ( digital wireless for guitarists and bassists )


AMPLI-Marshall, Roland, Line6, Hartke, dll

Laney - laney - laney amps

VOX Room! For You


EVANS and REMO - USA Drum Head

Aksesoris Gitar/Bass - Fender, Gotoh, Dunlop

Cymbals - Zildjian and Paiste

Pearl, Gibraltar, Mapex, DW - Drum Hardwares

Hercules - KNM Musical Stands

Head phone UltraSone HFI 550 Rp 850.000,- Made in Germany

Review :

Head phone UltraSone ProLine 550 Rp 1.300.000,- Made in Germany

Description :

Head phone UltraSone ProLine 650 ( white Pads ) Rp 1.750.000,- Made in Germany
Head phone UltraSone ProLine 750 ( white Pads ) Rp 2.250.000,- Made in Germany

Head phone UltraSone DJ 1 Rp 750.000,- Made in Germany

Description :
Ijin bookmark dulu gan,,,abis gajian ane mw ambil yg mic condensernya
Quote:Original Posted By adonrr
Ijin bookmark dulu gan,,,abis gajian ane mw ambil yg mic condensernya

Siiiip gaaaaan!

nawar bozz

boz, kalau yang
Samson Go Mic - Portable USB Condenser Microphone, nett nya brapa boz, minat nich buat video e-learning, thanks sebelumnya (PM aja ya bozz)
Quote:Original Posted By zhenax
boz, kalau yang
Samson Go Mic - Portable USB Condenser Microphone, nett nya brapa boz, minat nich buat video e-learning, thanks sebelumnya (PM aja ya bozz)

Quote:Original Posted By rendahhati

Bos, ini gw yang tadi nelp, yang janjian cod di pasar minggu... Jangan lupa ya pesenan gw... thanks
Quote:Original Posted By zuperacer
Bos, ini gw yang tadi nelp, yang janjian cod di pasar minggu... Jangan lupa ya pesenan gw... thanks

sip gan bro..hehehe

Sipp Barangnya Gan

Hari Jumat tanggal 28 Januari 2011, kira2 jam setengah 3 sore, gw COD ama rendahhati aka bung anung..

Gw pesen mic samson c01 + headphone sr850 + pop filter + shock mount nyaa..

Bareng okeee semua, headphone sr850 udah gw tes, suara okee... Tinggal mic samson c01 nya belum gw tes, soalnya perangkat recording ada di Lampung... Jadi minggu depan gw bisa tesnya....

Rendahhati aka bung anung RECOMENDED SELLER....

Jangan RAGU beli ama seller ini.... Sesuai dengan nicknya rendahhati