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Jual Mesin Tattoo Mr.Luo's Handmade Copper Machine
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Name: Luo's Handmade Copper Machine
Model: TG-684
Material: Pure Copper
Type: 10 Wrap coils
Weight: 450g
Quantity: 1pc/box
Price: IDR 1.200.000

As an international first-class tattoo artist, Mr.Luo, is taking more than 10 years focusing on handcraft-carved, provides classic and fine handicrafts.
This original design of the Veins cuprum machine is made in advanced technology, excellent performance and very previously rare.
This is one of the most prominent machines in the collecting list, it made by Mr.Luo. Brass, heat-resistant polymeric material is better than other material.
As the time goes by, it looks very beautiful after getting oxidation. After debugging and testing strictly by workers, on 6 volts it would make a excellent work.

Well balanced brass frame is solid for low vibration and is the perfect mix for density and structural integrity.
Copper core 10 coils and solid copper armature bar assure the strongest conductivity of the magnetic field to pull down even your needle smooth and firm.
NO fake plastic screws or hardware. Versatile front and rear springs (with grommet) are also fully adjustable by screws.
High tech capacitor is low heat and can withstand hours of tattooing. Unlike stainless steel machines?Brass takes much longer to heat up so you won't have to take as many breaks.

This machine will have slightly different markings, highlights, etc. The process to make the steel for each machine takes about 1 day, making each machine totally unique.

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Info .. COD Di jaksel, di toko (ahmad dahlan no.32)
CP : 087780850756 (whatsapp)
BB : 28221F24

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