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Greatest Headphones Ever : GRADO ( NEW I = IMPROVED SERIES )
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GRADO BY SAID jualan grado since 2005

Update January 2013

Ready Stock now RS2i

Hrg 5,2jt diskon jadi 4,7 jt aja cepetan bro... limited stock

Akhirnya Grado PS500 ready stock

harga 6,6 jt -> diskon awal tahun jadi 5,99 jt


SEGEL dan ORIGINAL tentunya, Harga Promo

Grado, one of the oldest family owned companies in the Audio Industry, has for almost half a century been the leaders in design engineering for the high-end audio and recording industries.
Grado is famous for their remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs and hold over 48 patents. Company founder, Joseph Grado is credited as the inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge. He is responsible for more innovations in phono cartridge design than any other person in our lifetime and was inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982.
Time honored manufacturing know how and painstaking attention to design detail allows previously unobtained levels of pitch control, harmonic accuracy and bass quality to be achieved. All Grado headphones and cartridges are hand made to Grado's full performance specifications
nothing leaves the factory unless it sounds pure Grado.

All Grado headphones have a vented diaphragm design that incorporates a large air chamber. This design concept lowers the frequency resonance (distortion) of the diaphragm and extends bass response. The diaphragm is made of a low mass polymer, carefully formed to broaden resonant modes to reduce their amplitude. The diaphragm mass is determined with the compliance of the suspension in mind so that the desired low frequency resonance is achieved. The diaphragm's total mass is calculated to provide a full 20 KHZ bandwidth, while avoiding break-up at lower frequencies.
The Reference Series RS1 and RS2 along with the Prestige Series SR325's, SR225's and SR125's feature voice-coils that are wound from ultra-high purity, long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper. The copper is slowly drawn through the die in extremely small increments and is annealed following each drawing operation. Ultra-high conductivity copper yields the clearest transmission and lowest coloration possible. The sound of UHPLC copper is smoother, cleaner and more dynamic. All use very high power neodymium magnets to provide maximum efficiency and better sound. Each headphone driver is made to Grado's high standards, then pair-matched for exact imaging. The RS1's, RS2's and SR325's also utilize UHPLC copper in the connecting cable.
All metal work for the SR325 is machined from a special non-resonant, very hard alloy. Grado utilizes a special processing method to increase the material's porosity. This complex treatment insures that the earphone chamber has no "ringing" which might obscure detail or add coloration.
Grado's wooden Reference Series are hand-crafted at our labs from a specially selected species of mahogany. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. The overall sound remains pure Grado, warm harmonic color, full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end.
Technical refinements for Grado drivers include improved diaphragm and voice coil design for increased bass response and a larger perceived sound stage. A unique process to "de-stress" the diaphragm results in enhanced inner detail. An increased ability to control driver resonance virtually eliminates distortion. For all models, an improved headband spring will afford greater comfort for the majority of listeners.

Grado headphones can reproduce as natural a soundstage from stereo recordings and provide as much listening pleasure as a good pair of speakers do. Grado headphones are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize any interference from external noise. They also offer portability and the ability to listen without worrying about the neighbors. With Grado headphones, you will hear recordings with greater clarity and with deeper bass than others! Grado headphones are the antithesis of mass production, as each Grado headphone is hand-assembled and closely scrutinized to meet full performance specifications in the U.S.A.

Dibanding beli home set stereo yg mahal n ribet.. butuh space dan lain-lain..
anda ingin mendengarkan suara audio yg sudah diakui oleh dunia ketenarannya..
solusinya ini aja.. GRADO Headphones

GR8 - Highend Earphone by Grado
Price Rp.2.950.000

Suaranya MANTAPP!!

Spesial PRICE !!


Grado Product of the year

Review lengkap SR60i -> silahkan

Grado SR60i emang jawara

Grado SR 60 i 685rb

What does the i stand for in the new SR60i from Grado? Improved, that’s what! Yes, Grado has taken one of the world’s most legendary headphones and taken it a few steps further. The new SR60i has an upgraded driver design, and they have enlarged and improved the mass distribution in the plastic housing. The way the SR60i’s new driver and plastic housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions. With the SR60i you will notice improved control of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting Grado’s world renowned midrange. And The SR60i will produce a sound that is pure Grado, warm harmonic color, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. Listen and Enjoy!

Wide-open, clear, and well-detailed sound
Awesome midrange and vocal detail
Deep, tight, and articulate bass
Fatigue-free and pristine treble
Sounds great on all different kinds of music
Surprisingly comfortable fit and design

Grado SR 80 I

"...these are truly wonderful hearphones, they've got the bass energy... ripping into heavy tracks with a gusto that eludes lesser rivals. With vocals they intoxicate with a natural feel and beautifully proportioned soundstage: few headphones can transport you as convincingly... The Grado SR80's are special. Buy'em, and Love'em."
1 jt

Grado SR 125 I

What does the i stand for in the new SR125i from Grado? Improved, that’s what! Grado's ability to combine lightness with extreme rigidity and internal damping has been put to good use on the SR125i. Based on the same design as theSR80i, the SR125i also features an improved driver and cable design utilizing UHPLC (Ultra-high purity, long crystal) copper voice coil wire. With the new 8 conductor cable design you will notice improved control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum, with both better supporting Grado’s world renowned midrange. The Diaphragms are put through a special 'de-stressing' process in order to enhance inner detail. The way the SR125i’s new driver, cable and plastic housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions. Bass, midrange and treble are all more open and you will enjoy the fine tonal spread and balance.

1.550 rb

Grado SR 225 I


Grado SR 325 I


Grado RS1i


Juga tersedia serie GS1000i

USD 985


Regular Price 17 jt. Promo Price 16 Jt

melayani pengiriman barang ke seluruh Indonesia, Ongkir ditanggung pembeli.
Barang Baru dan SEGEL

Dan Gratis pengantaran area SBY dan JKT utk seri 325is ke atas

Said 0856-2233-092
ini reputasi saya di forum tetangga (Chip forum) Linknya :

Andy Tan Fri October 21, 2005 Positive
Great and very smart Buyer salut banget gwa punya pembeli kayak bro said.. Two jempol up deh ^^

sigithw Fri October 28, 2005 Positive
Pengiriman barang cepat
gue tranfer malem
besok paginya udah dikirim

Mitz Tue December 6, 2005 Positive Good services.

pwr_maenps Wed January 11, 2006 Positive
very" good service...
barangnya cepet sampai dengan selamat..
gak nyesel deh berbisnis ma bang said...

blue_eye Thu April 13, 2006 Positive
sip banget jualannya

CapAyam Thu January 18, 2007 Positive
good response, good stuff.
recommended seller.

bennykosasih Fri February 2, 2007 Positive
Excellent seller!
Quick response, friendly, swift,safe delivery, and of course, wonderful price

thegamerz Wed April 25, 2007 Positive
baru beli iGrado sama said.. pelayanan memuaskan, walau CoD nya pake kurir.. hehe.. recommended seller banget deh.. keep up the good work, mate..

vandebay Fri May 4, 2007 Positive
haha rasanya dosa gak ngasi positif feedback ke penjual sebaik elo... salam bro!
noob-saybot Tue May 8, 2007 Positive nice transaction

popung Thu May 10, 2007 Positive[b]
Good seller, sangat ramah, dapat dipercaya

[b]crysis Sat May 26, 2007 Positive

udh lama kenal n srg trnsksi gw lupa ksh comment,,
mkin lama jualannya mkin serem,,great deh,,rndah hati

setodj Thu June 7, 2007 Positive
seller recomended
siang sms, sore grado SR60 sudah bisa mulai diburn-in
thanks, moga2 bisa bertransaksi lagi besok2.
Masi ngiler2 RS series ni

redwood Wed April 9, 2008 Positive
jaminan mutu, nggak usah diragukan lagi, peri rekomendet poko'e Smile...matursuwun mas.

Jedi \tMon April 21, 2008 \tPositive
bro, terima kasih sudah membuka telinga saya untuk mendengar music (bukan suara lagi) dgn Grado SR60.
Bisa kebeli krn lembur trus, jadi bener2 precious banget diservice dgn sangat baik.
Top notch banget servicenya nih, telpon malam jam 22an, besok pagi jam 10.30 mo sms tanya gmn status pengiriman, tau2 ada bell rumah ada yg anter nih Grado (jodoh nih).
mohon doa dpt rejeki banyak, so bisa beli kelas atasnya.
yang pasti belinya dari bro said -> highly recommended seller.
trims sekali lagi n sukses buat bro!

iwanlah \tTue April 22, 2008 \tPositive
trusted and recommended seller ...

patrian Mon May 26, 2008 \tPositive
nggak diragukan lagi kredibilitasnya, dah teruji abis..

quarter 17-02-2009, 12:46 PM
Wah ada bung Said, isi testi ah: Sekitar Desember 08 pagi2 sms bung said nanya SR60, ditelepon "ada nih bro SR60-nya, harga sesuai sama di web, kebetulan barang tinggal 1, kalo mau bisa dikirim kerumah..."...gak pake lama langsung deal, sore2 dateng deh si SR60, brand new, sealed, ada kuitansinya segala...pokoknya servisnya top deh...keep up the good work gan
Met Sore..
Up..Up.. Met sore..
Up up up...
Met malem..
sr60 nya udah net tuh bos? bisa di goyang lagi gak?
iGrado nett ampe surabaya brp bos??PM yah
bookmark dulu ah
Pagi semuanya..
oh ini bos said yah ... gw dulu pernah ambil ... recommended lho

iya bro..
Thanks ya..
uP UP Up..
meT Siang..
oi sait woking woking ya, jangan kaskusing mulu ya, baboooo! ^^
best headphones ever
Up up.. pagi..
saya yg di sby yg sms td bos.ditunggu yah....
bos pm in super duper nettnya sr60, cod bisa nggak
bos ini yang kemarin sore pesen

top dah bos yang satu ni, sore pesan dia bilang besok pagi diantar. ditunggu in, eh jam 10 pagi ada yang telp ngantarin sr60 nya (maklum alamat kost susah). kotaknya masih segelan grado

yang keren sr60 620rb masih nego lagi
thanks boss, sukses jualannya
sr 60 net ? pm bro
yang igrado 300 rebu boleh gak om???