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Ane mo jual paket DVD dari film Young And Dangerous nih. Ini film HK paling popular di tahun 90an, sampai dibuat 6 seri.

Ane jual RP 30.000 aja gan! Udah dapat Young and Dangerous 1-6 dalam 2 DVD. Ada sub english gan ...

Ane burn DVD pakai verbatim, very low speed gan 5,540 KB/s.

Info ttg Young and Dangerous :

The Series

Young and Dangerous (Chinese: 古惑仔之人在江湖 (1995)
Young and Dangerous tells the story of Chan Ho Nam (Ekin Cheng), "Chicken" Chiu (Jordan Chan), Tai Tin Yee (Michael Tse), Pao Pan (Jerry Lam) and his brother Chow Pan (Jason Chu) during their inclusion into the "Hung Hing" Society. The focus is on internal squabbling within the triad, spearheaded by "Ugly Kwan" (Francis Ng).

Young and Dangerous 2 (traditional Chinese: 古惑仔之猛龙过江 (1996)
The story in Young and Dangerous 2 is told in two parts: the first focuses on Chicken and his exile in Taiwan skipped over in the first film. The second half deals with the Hung Hing Society trying to ally with Chicken's Taiwanese triad "San Luen". The character "Banana" (Jerry Lam) is recruited into Ho Nam's circle. At the same time, an election to obtain the branch leadership status of Causeway Bay is underway, with Chan Ho Nam as its prime candidate, until a rivalry breaks out between him and another Hung Hing member, "Tai Fei" (Anthony Wong).

Young and Dangerous 3 (traditional Chinese: 古惑仔之只手遮天 (1996)
Chan Ho Nam and Chicken are back again in Young and Dangerous 3, this time taking on the rival "Tung Sing" triad, who is attempting to usurp Hung Hing influence in Hong Kong by having Tung Sing member "Crow" (Roy Cheung) frame Ho Nam for the murder of Hung Hing Chairman Chiang Tin Sang (Simon Yam). On the plus side, Chicken finds a new love interest in Wasabi (Karen Mok), the daughter of the comedic priest, Father "Lethal Weapon" Lam.

Young and Dangerous 4 (traditional Chinese: 97古惑仔之战无不胜 (1997)
When the branch leader position is open for Tuen Mun, Chicken decides to run for it and is up against fellow Hung Hing member "Barbarian", who resorts to ruthless Tung Sing member "Thunder Tiger" (Roy Cheung) for help in his candidacy. The triad also has to deal with finding a new chairman to the Hung Hing Society, Chiang Tin Yeung (Alex Man), Chiang Tin Sang's older brother, who resides in Thailand. Young and Dangerous 4 also brings in new characters first appearing among the Hung Hing ranks, such as Ben Hon (Wan Yeung Ming), "Sister 13" (Sandra Ng) and "Prince".

Young and Dangerous 5 (traditional Chinese: 98古惑仔之龙争虎斗 (1998)
Although Chicken does not make an appearance, Chan Ho Nam finds a new love interest in the form of Mei Ling (Shu Qi). Meanwhile, Tung Sing returns to cause trouble again for Hung Hing, in the form of new leader Szeto Ho Nam (Mark Cheng). Young and Dangerous 5 occurs during the transfer of Hong Kong sovereignty to China, with the "boys" becoming "men", as they develop and mature into more business-like dealings.

Born to Be King (traditional Chinese: 勝者為王 (2000)
Born to Be King, also known as Young and Dangerous 6, is the last and final installment to the mainstream franchise and characters. This film is a return to form for the series with what is considered a fitting end by fans. Chicken is set to marry Nanako (Anya), the daughter of Japanese yakuza boss Isako Kusaraki (Sonny Chiba), to tie relationships between the Taiwanese San Luen triad and Kurasaki's clan. When Chicken is set up and framed again for murder, he seeks his old friends from Hung Hing to clear his name.

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