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[SilverHobby] Aneka Macem remote Sanwa,Futaba,Ko Propo
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Sanwa MT4

The new MT-4 is the first 2.4GHz pistol grip radio to provide telemetry, industry leading latency, SSR (narrow pulse-width, super fast servo response) compatibility, and 4 channels with advanced programming.
The feature set of the MT-4 is like no other radio in our hobby today.
The real-time telemetry tells you what you need to know when used with the included telemetry receiver.
But the MT-4 will work with ANY Airtronics FHSS-2 and FHSS-3 receiver as well (just no telemetry of course) which means you'll have your choice of affordable aftermarket receivers and high performance ultra-fast racing receivers to use with the radio.
And, all of this is packed into a new ultra-lightweight comfortable case that has adjustable grips, steering movement, and trigger movement too.
There isn't even an external transmitter antenna to break! The antenna is an integral part of the handle. So, whether you're racing at a world class level, rock crawling over the most complicated courses, or just bashing in the backyard, the MT-4 will do what you need when you need.
Receiver Compatibility List: Compatible with Airtronics Surface FHSS2, FHSS3, and FHSS-4T (Telemetry Receiver) 92010, 92624, 92524, 92744, 92451

No External Antenna
All-New Lightweight Design
All-New Fast-Navigation Computer Menu System
4 Channels
18 Model Memory
Digital Screen
Fast Response
Telemetry. Receiver Voltage, Multiple Temp Sensors and Engine/Motor RPM
1 RPM and 1 Temp Sensor are Included
Assignable Switches and Functions
Programmable Mix
Step Mix
Point Mix
4WS Mix
MOA Mix (Motor on Axle)
Multiple Curves and EPA
Multiple EPA Types
Adjustable Servo Speed
Anti-Lock Braking
Alarms with Audible Tone and Volume Adjust.
Model Naming
User Name
Throttle 50/50 & 70/30
Includes 2 Grips for Customization
TX Battery Range, 4 cell dry AA to 2S LiPO
Compatible with almost ALL servos available today.


Sanwa MT-4 2.4GHz Transmitter (1pc)
RX-461 FHSS-4T Receiver (1pc)
SRM 102Z (2pcs)
Switch (1pc)
Battery holder (1pc)
Extra Handle Grip (1pc)
RPM Sensor (1pc)
Heat Sensor (1pc)

HARGA: 2.300.000

call/sms 087-8888-25588


This is the new Futaba 4PK-2.4G Super Radio with R614FF Receiver. The response has been improved by 50% and improve your driving availability. In addition, interface has been upgraded with New Multi-Function Switch. Furthermore, the receiver has also been upgraded to R614FF. Moreover, both its size and weight have been further reduced.

“New Driver”, “Race-Ready”, “Expert” and “Big Car” menus that add functions based on driving skill level and experience
Throttle Mode Select, for selecting acceleration/brake servo neutral points between 70/30 for nitro or 50/50 for electrics
Redesigned keypad with large center jog button
Vibrating alert system
“Direct Select” single-button access to eight pre-assigned functions
Navigation Lap Timer that sounds when target lap time is exceeded
Servo Display Screen shows set-ups/mixes for individual servos (Expert Menu)
Throttle programming options, including 5-point curve, expo and VTR
Ergonomic design for balance, feel, weight and adjustability
40-model memory
10-character model naming
4th channel for adjusting brake bias
2048 resolution for the ultimate in precision control
2 programmable mixes
Assignable buttons and dials
Digital trims and dials
Advanced Positioning Adapter (APA)
Adjustable trigger location
Backlit 128 x 64 white LCD screen with adjustable contrast
Subtrims, servo reversing and EPA on all channels
Throttle Variable Trace Rate (VTR)
Fail-safe and battery fail-safe (voltage selectable)
Direct Servo Control (DSC)
Exponential & adjustable servo speed (Steering/Throttle)
Up/Down, lap & systems timers
100-lap memory
Electronic & mechanical ATL (Adjustable Throttle-Low side only)
Traction control/Acceleration rate
ABS braking system
Boat programming


Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation: FASST

Model: R614FF

4PK Pistol Grip Transmitter
R614FF Receiver (2 pcs)
HT5F1700B 1700mAh 6V Transmitter Battery
Switch Harness

Harga: 5.100.000

Call 021-96310201
SMS 087-8888-25588

Futaba 4PL

2.4GHzSS (Spread Spectrum) radio communication system
Model memory for 40 models
Menu Selection
Brake mixing for large cars
4WS Mixes
Anti-skid braking system
Throttle acceleration
Throttle speed
Steering speed
Racing timer
Digital trim
Function select trim/dial function
Function select switch function
ESC Link function
Trigger position can be changed
Tension adjustment function
Mechanical ATL Adjustment
Digital switch


Transmitting frequency: 2.4GHz Band
Power requirement: (Dry cell battery) Penlight x 4 (6v)
Current drain: 250mA or less
Transmission antenna: 1/2 di-pole

Power requirement: 4.8V or 6V NiCd battery
Receiving frequency: 2.4GHz band
System: S-FHSS/FHSS system (auto detection)
Size: 26x39x10mm

Futaba Transmitter T4PL-2.4G (1 pc)
Futaba Receiver R2104GF (1 pc)
User menu

Harga: 2.400.000

CALL/SMS 087-8888-25588
broo klo remote sanwa yg d bwh ny ada gak ?? yg murah aj skitar d bwh 1.5jt an
Quote:new item!

Futaba 2PL 2 Channel Digital Proportional R/C System 2.4GHz

Now there's no reason why sport racers and boaters should miss out on the advantages of spread spectrum! The 2PL Sport 2.4GHz FHSS offers modelers an affordable 2.4GHz alternative that retains the 2PL's programming features while providing the interference-free control that has made 2.4GHz all the rage in R/C!
FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) eliminates frequency pins and signal interference
The included R603GF receiver features a flexible coaxial antenna that's easy to position inside the model for ideal reception
Easy, convenient push-button transmitter/receiver linking, with no binding plugs
Uses only 4 dry cells, instead of the 8 cells usually required

One-button menu access and function select
Trim switch for precise setup
10-model memory
Model naming
Model reset
Steering dual rates
Servo reversing
End Point Adjustments
ABS braking
Throttle Fail Safe
Large LCD screen


Model: 2PL-2.4G
Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation: FHSS
Power Requirement: (Dry cell battery) Penlight x 4(6V)

Receiver Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation: FHSS
Dimensions: 39 x 26 x 10mm
Weight: 8g

Futaba (2PL-2.4G) 2 Channel Transmitter (1pc)
Futuba R603GF receiver (1pc)

Power requirement of transmitter: Dry cell battery x4(6V)

2.4GHz Sport FHSS is not compatible with Futaba FASST systems.

Harga 1.349.000
call 021-93610201
sms 087-8888-25588
gan. ada sedia lipo untuk remote helios? thx
Quote:Original Posted By komicman
gan. ada sedia lipo untuk remote helios? thx

sms aja 087-8888-25588
Quote:Original Posted By Spider-silver
gak ada bro... tanggung beli yg kayak gitu,mending yg udah kelas2 lcd gini dah,ketahuan mantap settingnya...

brarti ngumpulin duit dulu deh saya

sekalian bantu sundulll
Quote:Original Posted By FstzAndi
brarti ngumpulin duit dulu deh saya

sekalian bantu sundulll

thx bro.....
makin mantap aj ni agan ini dagangannya....
bantu sundul neeh dagangan om risman,,,,makin laris aja om.
Quote:Original Posted By turanz
makin mantap aj ni agan ini dagangannya....

Quote:Original Posted By opexpang
bantu sundul neeh dagangan om risman,,,,makin laris aja om.

thx bro semuanya.... ini semua kan berkat anda2 juga...