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Flying magic mystery ufo
Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 98.000
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* Brand new and high quality.
* Amazing effects of UFO by an invisible line to create a UFO suspended in the air.
* Mystify your friends as your UFO hovers and floats all around you.
* Only you will know how it works.
* This amazing effect sets up less than 15 seconds.
* Throw it like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float! No one will ever guess its an illusion!
* No batteries or remote control needed.
* It is completely silent! Detailed instructions inside.
* Amaze your friends with this mysterious floating UFO that you seem to control with or without your hands.
* It is baffling, mesmerizing and fun.
* Size: 16cm x 5cm.

Package Included:

* 1 x Floating UFO
* 1 x invisible line
* 1 x User Manual



ORDER HUB.: ERWIN 0812.88.017160
ori gk tuh gan? made in apa?
Quote:Original Posted By dekasullivan
ori gk tuh gan? made in apa?

ori bos.
gampang gak seh boz maeninnya?

ada penampakan pic kemasannya gak?
Mainnya pake tali ya gan?
Quote:Original Posted By dragon2010
Mainnya pake tali ya gan?

ya betul bos