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Portable Charger/Power Bank Untuk Semua HP/Gadget
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Harga : Rp. 310.000
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Portable Charger / Power Bank Merk YOOBAO

Yoobao 4800 mAh

Power Bank yoobao ini bisa untuk iPad2,iPhone, iPod Touch, Motorola Droid, HTC Android Phones, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S, Nintendo, Sony PSP. sangat medukung aktivitas kita.

Spesifikasi :
capacity : 4800 mAh
input : DC 5V - 1000mA
output : DC 5V - 1000mA
Berat : 140g
Dimensi : 100x44.5x25 mm

- Kompatibel dengan iPhone, iPad, ipod, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry etc.
- 5 indikator menunjukkan kapasitas, masing-masing 20%
- Senter LED, tahan 240 jam
- paket berisi 8 jenis konektor, Mengisi ulang HP/Gadget anda dimana saja
- Portable, bisa diisi ulang, dan paket daya universal
- Desain Elegan dan mudah digunakan

Spoiler for Power Bank yoobao 4800 mAh:

Untuk Harga Rp 320.000 belum termasuk ongkir.
Garansi 6 bulan*

Yoobao 5200 mAh

Power Bank yoobao ini sangat medukung aktivitas kita.

Spesifikasi :
o Suitable for mobile phones, iPhone4/3G/3GS, iPad, cameras, PSP/NDSL, and MP3/MP4 players
o Capacity: 5,200mAh
o Device type: external battery pack
o Input: 5V DC, 1,000mA
o Output: 5.3V DC, 1,000mA

Isi Kemasan :
o Power bank (5,200mAh)
o Two switch connectors ( Apple/Micro)
o Micro USB cable
o Plug (110 to 220V): US/UK/EU/AU plugs are available
o User Manual

o Portable, rechargeable, and universal power pack
o Keep talking and keep playing longer
o Five LED indicators show the current capacity
o LED torch, last for 260 hours
o Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart
o Package with two switched connectors, you can power and recharge your mobile or PDA, iPod/iPhone/iPad, PSP, MP3/MP4 players, digital camera and other mobile devices anywhere
o Flexible recharging of power pack via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable
o Automatic recover function for your battery capacity of mobile phone or other device
o Meet all related safety standard
o Accessories: user's manual, connection cable, connectors, charger

Spoiler for Yoobao 5200 mAh:

Untuk Harga Rp 350.000 belum termasuk ongkir.
Garansi 6 bulan*
Portable Charger / Power Bank Merk H&K

Power Bank HK ini bisa untuk semua jenis HP, smartphone (BB, Android, Iphone), MP3 player, Ipad. Dengan kapasitasnya yang 5600 mAh bisa digunakan untuk 3 - 4 kali charge. sangat medukung aktivitas kita.

Spoiler for Power Bank HK 5600 mAh:

kelengkapan :
- 8 connectors
- 1 cables
- 1 Pouch
- Portable charger dilengkapi dengan Senter

Spoiler for Power Bank HK 5600 mAh:

Spesifikasi :
capacity : 5600 mAh
input : DC 5V / 1A
output : DC 5V / 1A
output charging time : 1.5 - 2 hours
input charging time : 5 - 6 hours

Spoiler for Power Bank HK 5600 mAh:

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Garansi 1 bulan*

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