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SOLD BANJO Fishing Set (NEW)
Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 700.000
Location :
Misiiiii ane mau jual Banjo Fishing set barang baru belum pernah di pakai (Lejel Home Shopping)
harga Rp.SOLD to Bpk Dedi Gunadi (Thanks Kaskus)

Product Description of Banjo Fishing Set

1. Made of elastic material
2. Equipped with eyelets are available in various colors and weights so that
add a similar impression of the original fish.

1 Banjo Fishing Set consists of:

32 bait fish Banjo
9 hook ordinary
2 hook El Shinko
60 rubber (weedless guard)
7 eyelets
Fishing rod (Stick)
Reel (Silver color)
Most Complete Fishing Equipment
Artificial baits With 3 Different Size And Colour 7
Can Used For Fishing Beginners
Can Fish To Catch All Types
With Diamond Flash Glitter Holographic
Made of Elastic Materials
Easily Controlled Feed
To Feed Or On The Surface Water In
Most Similar By Fish Bait Original
Total 112 Pieces: Banjo + rods + Reel
With a fishing rod bearings Wheels
Vibrate Zero Balanced Rotor System
Graphite fishing pole Made From Quality Materials
With 5.2 Berasio Reel: 1, Fast Scrolling
Fast food Fish bait
Swim With Cuts, Moves Natural Bait

Banjo Fishing Set

Brand: Banjo Minnow 006
Made in: United States
Material: Rubber Synthesis
Weight: Size
Capacity: Varies

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