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AXN Floater-Jet EPO with Motor (ARF)
This model is one every pilot should own, performance is excellent and the quick, simple build will have you in the air in no time, when it comes to smiles for Dollars, the Floater-Jet cant be beaten, happy to be flown at speed or float around on minimal power, its the perfect choice for beginners and experienced flyers.

Equiped with a high-kv motor, small propeller and a very smooth finish EPO foam surface (almost glossy) this plane can reach high speeds in a short amount of time, yet glide in gently to land thanks to its forgiving stall and low wing loading.

An extremely easy plane to fly, ideal for beginners at half throttle and for experienced fliers, a noisy, fast eye opener at WOT!

Wingspan: 1290mm
Fuse Length: 860mm
Motor: 2100Kv 3S Outrunner
Propeller: 5x5inch x 2pc
ESC: 20A
Servos: 4 x 9g servo

RTF 1,450,000
ARF 1,100,000(no TX+RX,no batery,no charger)
KIT 800,000(body only)


Looking for the perfect trainer? or an in-expensive FPV platform? Maybe you are a club pilot looking for something you can just pull out of the car and fly on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons? The Hobbyking Bixler ticks all of these boxes and more! Tested and approved for beginners through to intermediate pilots by Josh Bixler from Flight Test!

The Bixler has all the right ingredients, made from super tough EPO foam, everything is pre-installed so minimal assembly time is required, in fact, by the time you have charged a battery, it should be ready to fly! The combination of size, low wing loading and a sleek fuselage make for and excellent model with capable yet forgiving flight characteristics. The plug in wing makes the Bixler a practical model that is easy to transport to your favorite flying field and can be ready to fly in just minutes. Another practical feature is the Bixlers ability to accept a wide range of Lipoly sizes.

Whatever you are looking for, the Bixler has it covered, also included is a color instruction booklet, and finally, as if all that wasnt enough, look out for Josh Bixlers up coming video that will instruct you on setting up and flying this plane in a future episode of Flight Test on!

Material: EPO Foam
Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 925mm
Wing Area: 26dm2
Wing Loading: 25g/dm2
Flying Weight: 650g
Motor: 2620-1900kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 20A w/BEC
Servo: 4 x 9g

RTF 1,600,000
ARF 1,250,000(no TX+RX,no batery,no charger)
KIT 950,000(body only)

semua diatas adalah pesawat trainer gan.Terbuat dari bahan EPO padat,yang kuat namun tetap ringan,mudah untuk di repair cuman butuh lem araldite,atau lem CA.pesawat ini semi glider,jadi benar2 mudah dikendalikan.Kalo lost control,cukup matikan throtel,gerak kan aileron untuk mendarat kembali.....
dimalang banyak yang pake pesawat ini gan.
silahkan main ke toko,atau sabtu minggu di lapangan jatayu lanud ABD .SALEH gan

tersedia paket KIT,ARF,RTF
mau COD,rekber silahkan

atau kunjungi website kami untuk keterangan lokasi toko kami
Ane nawarin BARTER ama kucing PERSIA ane gan.
medium Nose, bulu lebat, makan lahap...
PM ane kalau minat yo Gan.. Makasih
pakai remote ya gan?
Quote:Original Posted By harjunanto
pakai remote ya gan?

iya gan pake remot,tapi ada tipe yang lain kok gan menyesuaikan budget....