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Diecast ex Kolpri
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Diecast Ferrari4Sale

No history of Ferrari is complete without mentioning that Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo from 1920 to 1929 (he wanted to get a job at Fiat after WWI, but restrictions on civilian auto traffic in Italy meant the company wasn't hiring), and that he raced Alfas for another 10 years after that. From the time he was 12, according to Ferrari: The Man and His Machines, Enzo knew he wanted be a race driver. At Alfa, he achieved that dream, and adopted the cavallino, or prancing horse, insignia for his Alfa race car. In 1929, he left Alfa to start Scuderia Ferrari in Modena, his privately owned Alfa Romeo racing team.


Hot Wheels 2010 Ferari 458 Italia IDR. 35.000


Hot Wheels 2010 Ferrari 330 P4 IDR..40.000


Hot Wheels 2010 Ferari F430 Spider -SOLD- thanks


Hot Wheels 2006 Enzo Ferrari IDR. 50.000


Hot Wheels 2006 Ferrari 512 M IDR. 60.000


Hot Wheels 2011 Ferrari California IDR.30.000

Diecast DairyDelivery4Sale

Dairy Delivery

Quote:Suka koleksi die cast? Pasti kenal dengan salah satu mobil favorit Dairy Delivery yang pertama kali didesain oleh Phil Riehlman tahun 1998 yang terinspirasi dari Truk Divco Milk.

Diecast 4x4Jeep4Sale


Land Cruizer

Land Rover

Diecast Minicooper4Sale

Mini Copper

Diecast Volkswagen4Sale


Diecast Motorcycle4Sale


Diecast Londoner4Sale

London Bus

London Taxi

Diecast Muscle Mania4Sale