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Kondisi Barang : Second
Harga : Rp. 450.000
Location : Banten
Makasih Mimid dan Momod tercinta

Jual Lambo (Body Only) nih mas bro, Lambo ane yang pakai baterai 18650.
Kondisi masih ok dan terawat, alasan jual ane punya dua Lambo
mau dijual satu buat ganti device.

Mengenai feature pasti mas bro lebih tahu dari ane hehehe
Ane lepas 450k aja deh.

Kalo mau tanya2x silahkan hubungi ane di 083873239077

Makasih yah Admin yang baik...

- 4 buttons control
Red button: Hold down for 5 seconds to turn the device on or off.
Side button: Activate atomiser or cartomizer at the selected voltage.
'+' and ' -' buttons : Adjust the voltage in 0.1v increament. When reached 6v it will return to 3V.

-Spring loaded positif post
To make sure perfect connection to the atty and cartomizer

-Juice well
No liquid leaking to your Lambo device

-Voltage Lock
Voltage can be lock by pressing both '+' and '-' button for 5 second.

-Regulated voltage output
Regardless of the battery level, Lavatube regulated voltage will always output at the same voltage as you selected.

-Circuit/switch protection
If the device detected over 2.5amps of load, it will then automatically re-adjust the voltage to the acceptable level and continue to work.

-Activation protection
If you activated the Lavatube for more than 10 seconds it will then deactivate automatically to protect you and the device.

-Reverse battery protection
if you put the battery in the reverse way the device will not work at all and you device will be protected automatically.

-Battery over discharge protection
The device will automatically turn off to protect the itself and the battery when detected battery becomes discharged.
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booked yah broo
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booked yah broo