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DVD BMW - Original DVD System with Head Phone (2 pcs)
Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 10.770.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
Consists of two portable seven-inch monitors, plus two holders that are attached to the headrest support bars. The DVD system can be plugged in to the vehicle's 12-volt power socket. The DVD player, which is built into one of the two monitors, can play video DVDs, and photo and audio CDs (including MP3 format). In addition, JPEG images and music files on USB sticks and memory cards of various formats can be viewed or listened to. Audio playback is via either the monitors' built-in loudspeakers, or headphones such as the infrared stereo headphones (included) from BMW.

Dapatkan harga special selama bulan Februari 2013.

Kunjungi website kami untuk info:

www.acclifestyle.com/accessories/travel-comfort - source of original BMW Accessories & Lifestyle in Indonesia.

Mobile: 0812 9966 245

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