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Gendongan baby carrier mothercare 6in1..aman dan nyaman untuk bunda dan baby.
Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 165.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
Mothercare 6 Position Carrier
• Gendongan Bayi 6 Posisi • Untuk 0-24 bln •

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Harga : Rp 165 rb


Berat Kemasan : 2 kg

Adorable purple polkadots 6 way carrier by Mothercare.

• The strap can be use six kinds of transmortions, namely, pre-hold type, heng boa style, back style, the former holds when use of head protection zone, you can also put on two cross protection zone.
• The use of open design simple, safe and practical.
• The design with a head restraint and baby head protection zone, it can protect babies born in the neck, so that the baby was asleep when the head does not tilt and strain.
• Strap design from birth to 30 months reference.
• Use of Natural cotton fabric for comfortable for baby.
• Strap at the bottom of mesh was well ventilated suitable for all year use.
• Strap glove a small pocket in front for soft toys and pacifiers.
• Head restraint put on can protect baby and neck.
• Strap has passed safety test.
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