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Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 12.345
Location : DKI Jakarta
PT.Lumen Energi Dunia
Lindeteves Glodok lantai UG Blok B.20/No.6
Jl.Hayamwuruk no.127 Jakarta Barat

Rizaldi Akbar
0812-83833593 / 021-99599021

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Tersedia semioutdoor P10 ~
Running text 16cm x 96cm merah = Rp 3.300.000.-
Running text 32cm x 192cm merah =Rp.6.500.000,
Running text 32cm x 192cm biru/hijau =Rp.7.000.000,~
Running text 32cm x 128cm merah =Rp.4.500.000,~
Running text 32cm x 256cm biru =Rp.10.000.000,~

Tersedia outdoor p10
Running text 32cm x 192cm biru =Rp.9.000.000,~
Running text 32cm x 256cm hijau =Rp.12.000.000,~
Running text 32cm x 128cm merah =Rp.5.600.000,~
Running text 32cm x 192cm merah= =Rp.8.400.000,~
Running text 32cm x 256cm merah =Rp.11.200.000,~

Tersedia Running text 30cm 3 warna indoor = Rp.1.000.000,~

Tersedia Videotron P5 tipe indoor /m2 = Rp.32.000.000,~
Tersedia videotron P16 tipe outdoor /m2 =Rp.27.000.000,~
(Untuk videotron P.16 Outdoor ready stok 100m2

Videotron P5
1. With good lightening accordance and no mosaic
2. Can play different formats of image files, flash, WAV/MIDI, video signal from
TV, video signal from video, Office Word, Power point, and other equipment
3. Different video frequency can be changed freely at the same time, and the
image can be enlarged and reduced
4. High brightness, and can be adjustable, meets the need of changing
requirement of customer in environment
5. Uses real pixels rather than virtual pixels, better viewing effect

P5 indoor fullcolor led display
1). high pixels screen;
2). brightness uniformly ;
3). high level of gray scale.

Electronics manufacturing Videotron P5 full color indoor led screen
Quick Details
pixels: 5mm
Pixel pitch: 5mm
Colors: 1R1G1B
dot density: 40000dots/m2
brightness: ≥1500cd/m2
Scanning method: 1/16 scanning

Best viewing distance: 5~20m
life: 100000H
Place of Origin: (Mainland)
Display Function: Video ,Animasi,OfficeWord,PowerPoint.image,Dll

Tube Chip Color: Full Color
Usage: Indoor
Model Number: p5
Brilliant Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2005, ,we are a professional manufacturer of LED display system and lighting products,

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