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▓▓ Mouse Macro a4tech BLOODY V2-V3-V5-V7 ▓▓ Gambar Lengkap
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It won’t be a fair game to play with superior-equipped players, now you have better choice with Core3. With Auto Recoil-Suppression and Trajectory Adjustment, Bloody Core3 intensifies your gun firing power with super high headshot rate, let you defeat the enemy and win the game effortlessly.

1. Headshot 100% - Auto Recoil-Suppression
With auto recoil suppression, concentrating impact trajectory to guarantee super high headshot rate!

2. Cycling Strafe with Auto Recoil Suppression
After activate Ultra Core 3,the left button will act as Auto-Cycling Shot with auto recoil suppression. It concentrates ballistics and offers super high headshot rate to defeat enemy and win the game effortlessly.

3. World First Trajectory Adjustment
Each gun with different recoil, after 2 method of adjustment suppression rate, the Trajectory will never loss!!

4. Real-Time Trajectory Adjustment Per Hardware
You may adjust shooting rate and recoil suppression software- free in the real-time mode to rectify trajectory and increase shooting accuracy. Let you defeat enemy and win the games effortlessly!

5. Trajectory Adjustment per Software
You can use game screen hard copy to check ballistic drifting amount and compensate the offsets by Bloody2 software for accurate adjustment and store them to the armory for later use.

6. Armory Management
In the armory, many guns/rifles of hot FPS games are well-tuned for immediate use. You also can maintain the armory and adjust individual guns/rifles according to your preferences.

7. Oscar Macro Editing
With Oscar Macro Editing software, you may edit your own macros using combination of simple logic commands ( such as “Loop”, “If”, “Equal to”, “Interval Repeat”, “Jump”…etc.) or by using command combinations (like “Change the Time Delay between commands”, “ Control cursor absolute / relative displacements”, “Mouse simulation”, “Keyboard simulation”, “Record the keyboard & mouse continuous actions”…etc.). It reduces finger fatigue and substitutes complicate gaming actions by the simple macros.

Jadi Kalo agan punya Settingan yahuud macro a4tech yang lama masih bisa buat mouse ini gan

8. Oscar Macro Sharing
With Oscar Marco Sharing, you may program the classical macros, and upload them to share with others. You also may download preferable macros and immediately upgrade your mouse effortlessly!

With Ultra Core3, you can adjust shooting rate and recoil suppression to rectify trajectory and increase shooting accuracy. Let you defeat enemy and win the games effortlessly! The Multi-Core system makes you login popular on-line games freely and enjoy all the gaming stunts without limitation!

untuk yang bingung dimana settingan macronya , macronya bisa di setting kalau core 3 nya di aktifin dulu , , ane siap bantu buat agan agan yang bingung , baik yang beli sama ane maupun sama agan yang lain .

Wonder why ? who die first when shooting at the same time? The determinant factor is "click delay or not".
To know the difference of clicking delay period, we have " Mouse shooting Speed Test " for gamers to compare which one is shortest.

Mouse Shooting Speed Test(Main Menu)

World First Click Fastest
Bloody mouse - Shorten clicking delay period to 1ms to win the game at first!
Normal gaming mouse click delay taking 18ms, cause fire too late.

Bloody-Right button(Fastest)

Bloody-Lelf button(Fastest)



Perbedaannya sih banyak gan , ne ane kasih yang umum aja ya gan . di bloody tombol macronya gak ada yang di tengah /di dekat klik kiri .
untuk software juga beda , cuma kalau untuk macro masih pake OSCAR juga gan . seperti ane bilang di atas , ne mouse sih lebih cocoknya buat AW , tapi bisa juga buat SG /AWP kurang nyaman menurut ane ,, dan tombol yang bisa di setting untuk macro semuanya kecuali , KLIK KIRI ,SAMA TOMBOL CORENYA.

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