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JOYO PXL-4 (Loop Controller, Programmable, Efek Stompbox, Pedal, Bank)

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JOYO PXL-4 (Loop Controller, Programmable, Efek Stompbox, Pedal, Bank)
Rp 1.510.000
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Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 15-12-2018 16:02
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Berat : 1500 gram
Last Sundul : 15 December 2018, 04:02:46 PM

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JOYO PXL-4 (Loop Controller, Programmable, Efek Stompbox, Pedal, Bank)

JOYO PXL-4 Effect Pedal Loop Controller Black
"Sometimes a song can require quite a complicated patch, this can mean something close to tap dancing on your pedals if you're not careful! So that's where these pedal switches come in handy. Pre program your patches for ease of use for that crucial live situation when timing is everything!"
The JOYO PXL 4 is a fully programmable guitar effect pedal switcher. The PXL series from JOYO allow the gigging musician or session guitarist complete flexibility over the guitar effect pedal chain. Its a programmable 4 loop pedal router. The inability to switch banks of pedals ON or off at the same time. The PXL4 allows you to create preset banks of tones, and then seamlessly switch your desired pedals on or off together. Available in 4 pedal. This is a programmable and storable effects looper. Your programmed pedal groups will be stored even after the power is shut down, so no constant re-assigning your favourite groups and settings.
With the maximum storage of 8 groups tone, the design of TRUE Bypass of the PXL4 guarantees the smooth transfer of signal and it avoids the effect interference caused by other electronic switches. The PXL has super fast switch speed and an excellent low switch noise.
Available in black colour.
DC 9V power supply Input Jack
Main Output jack
Instrument Input jack
Store Button
Edit Button
Bank Display
Group A on/off Switch
Group B on/off Switch
Bank down Switch
Bank up Switch
Group Status Indicator
Effects Status Indicator
It is very simple to use the PXL series FX Pedal grouping system. Just connect your effect pedals to the Loops 1-4 on the PXL 4. Connect your guitar to the PXL's Input jack. Connect the PXL from the output to your amplifier`s INPUT. Connect the PXL power supply and also power on all your effects pedals,turn on all the FX pedals connected in the PXL's FX LOOP.

Rp 1.510.000

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