solusi kaca mobil retak

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solusi kaca mobil retak
Rp 114.000 Rp 120.000
Lokasi : Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 03-11-2019 19:04
Terjual : 0 barang telah terjual
Dilihat : 69 kali
Berat : 500 gram
Last Sundul : 24 November 2019, 07:44:33 AM

Penjelasan Produk

Focus on automotive glass repair products for many years
Professional factory years of experience Our products are available all over the world.
Neutral packaging Off-the-shelf.
Support small batch OEM, fast delivery.

Three characteristics to ensure quality

1: The air in the crack will block the penetration of the repair fluid. We have a vacuum function to quickly remove the air from the crack.

2: The reinforced injection molding sealing head can generate strong pressure to force the repair liquid into the crack.

3: Imported repair fluid (this is very critical), the shear strength reaches 25PA, the glass breaks the position of this repair will not break.