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DiMarzio DP252BK Gravity Storm Neck (Pickup Gitar, Humbucker, Bridge, Black)

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DiMarzio DP252BK Gravity Storm Neck (Pickup Gitar, Humbucker, Bridge, Black)
Rp 1.200.000
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Posted on : 18-03-2020 10:19
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Berat : 400 gram
Last Sundul : 18 March 2020, 10:19:02 AM

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The DiMarzio Gravity Storm DP252 humbucking pickup gives you plenty of output and rich tone, and now Sweetwater offers it to you! Developed for legendary guitarist Steve Vai, the Gravity Storm features 4-conductor wiring, ceramic magnets, and DiMarzio's patented dual-resonance configuration, which produces more harmonic overtones than conventional humbuckers. This neck pickup gives you sweet and warm tones with a bite. It has the warmth and depth of a humbucker with the cut of a single-coil. A great pickup for pushing your amp to its full tonal potential, the Gravity Storm is perfect for live gigs, while giving you plenty of tone and definition in the studio too. Pump up your guitar's tone with the DiMarzio Gravity Storm DP252 humbucker.

• Standard spacing
• Color: Black
• Type: Neck-position humbucker
• Wiring: 4-conductor
• Magnet: Ceramic
• Output: 290mV
• DC resistance: 12.56 Kohms
• Tone guide: Treble -5; Mid -6; Bass -6

Type: Humbucker
Active/Passive: Passive
Magnet Material: Ceramic
Position: Bridge
Number of Conductors: 4
Number of Strings: 6
Covering: Uncovered
Manufacturer Part Number: DP252BK

Rp 1.200.000

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