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DiMarzio DP412BK Virtual Tele Bridge (Pickup Gitar, Alnico 2, Pure Tone, Black)

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DiMarzio DP412BK Virtual Tele Bridge (Pickup Gitar, Alnico 2, Pure Tone, Black)
Rp 1.100.000
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Posted on : 18-03-2020 16:30
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Penjelasan Produk

As soon as DiMarzio introduced the first Virtual Vintage¬ pickups for Strat¬ guitars, DiMarzio began receiving numerous requests for neck and bridge replacement models for Telecaster¬ guitars. They feel the Virtual T™ pickups compare brilliantly to the best old Tele¬ pickups. The neck model Virtual T™ overcomes the complaint many Tele¬ players have about muffled sound in the neck position. It's very sweet sounding, but not muddy, even when the tone control is rolled down. The bridge pickup combines some of their favorite qualities from different Tele¬ and Broadcaster¬ models: clean, snappy low strings, warm high strings, superior string separation, and balanced response. Both models have Alnico 2 magnets for maximum sustain and pure tone, and they were designed to work with the original 250K control value. Recommended for bridge position.

Tech Talk
Many Tele¬ bridge pickups have all 6 magnets pressed level with the top surface of the coil. However, the basic Virtual Vintage¬ design is very sensitive to differences in magnet height, so DiMarzio built in a magnet stagger that offers balanced string response for most guitars with standard (plain G) strings. Flat magnet stagger is available on request. Like all Virtual Vintage¬ models utilizing Alnico 2 magnets, the Virtual T™ was designed to work with 250K controls. The tone is very balanced and equally useful for blues or country picking. Maximum twang can be obtained by using 500K controls, and the balance can be fine-tuned even further with a 250K volume and the EP1202 1Megohm tone control.

• Model: DP412BK
• Finish: Black
• Wiring: Standard 4-conductor
• Magnet: Alnico 2
• Output: 195mV
• DC Resistance: 7.40K
• Year of introduction: 2001
• Patent #: 5908998 & 4442749

Rp 1.100.000

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