Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

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Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 90.000
Location :
HARGA HANYA : Rp.90.000 ( 14 DVD )
HUBUNGI : 081374948400 / Email :


  1. Photoshop Top Secret
  3. High End Industry Photoshop Retouching Techniques Series
  4. All VIP Contents - Grafpedia
  5. Kelby Training - Mastering Color in Photoshop CS4 Creative Color
  6. Photoshop CS4 Power Shortcuts
  7. Joel Grimes Tutorials
  8. Corey Barker - Photoshop Design Effects
  9. Over 90 Professional Photoshop Tutorials
  10. Premium Tutorial
  11. VTC MasterClass Adobe Photoshop
  12. Photoshop Tips and Tricks Other Vol 1 s/d 5
  13. Talented Pixie Level 1,2 dan 3
  14. Kelby 20 Design Effect Photoshop
  15. Photoshop Plugin Collection
  16. Mastering retouching nick saglimbeni
  17. Gry Garness - Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshopi
  18. Mastering retouching nick saglimbeni
  19. Designing Magazine Layout Videocourse
  20. Photoshop Compositing Secrets; Unlocking the Key to Effects for Totally Realistic Composites
  21. Dan Tool2 ( plugin2 ) photoshop lainnya

Quote:Total 14 DVD
Harga Paket : Rp 90.000 ( 14 DVD )

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

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Plugin photoshop list

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Quote:Nik Software Photoshop Plugins Suite
Imagenomic Portraiture
Athentech Perfectly Clear
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite
Alien Skin Suite
OnOne Perfect Portrait
Retro Machine Vol.I-III for Photoshop
The Best Photoshop Designers Pack
Topaz Labs PhotoFXlab

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Photoshop Top Secret

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:How to Become a Photoshop "Black Belt"-Fast!
Just released by Mark Monciardini, Photoshop® Top Secret™ is an Extreme Training Course that teaches you, step by step, how to create cutting-edge graphics and special effects with Adobe® Photoshop®. This student-friendly home study course includes four DVD-ROMs with over 16 gigabytes of video tutorials and project files. It also comes with a full-color gallery book (printed, not pdf) that shows the end result of each project in the course. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be, without the need for expensive classes or tutors.
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Joey l tutorial | behind the scenes the complete tutorial

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:“SIMPLY ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME TUTORIALS I’VE FOUND, THANKS TO SKYWALKER FOR THE REFERENCE. If you use Adobe Photoshop, don’t miss this must-have tutorial” - Maxdugan

In this package containing 2 hours of material, you will find:

Behind the scenes footage from many unique photo shoots covering an array of concepts and lighting situations, including detailed diagrams of the light set ups and props. Both studio lighting and simple techniques using standard reflectors are used

Narrated live screen capture of the editing process, describing in detail all my techniques step by step and how you can do them yourself. Even my granny can follow along, but I am confident there is something for everyone to learn.
Each technique is broken into individual lessons and within the lessons there are different example pictures. This makes sure that you fully understand the range the technique has to offer on individual photographs

A library of custom high resolution (12.7 mega pixel) grunge textures you can use in your own photos- kracks, aged paper, metallic scratches and abrasions, and some other gross stuff I can’t even identify! (But it sure looks neat). There are over 50 textures on the disk, and you can use them for whatever you desire.
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High End Industry Photoshop Retouching Techniques Series

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:The only techniques that have been readily available to the public have been the so called “smooth or soft skin” methods that simply blur or smudge the skin texture into an unrealistic plastic doll mess.
This DVD-ROM contains the information you have been seeking but could not find. Your host Vitaly Druchinin, high end photographer and retoucher reveals all, first by thoroughly explaining to you how to apply Photoshop tools and functions specifically for retouching. Then hold on to your chair as Vitaly puts you front and center in front of his monitor as he retouches a beauty image captured with the Hasselblad H3D 39 Megapixel camera from start to finish, explaining every step and decision along the way. You will see first hand how to masterfully manipulate your images without destroying even a single pore of your model’s skin.
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All VIP Contents - Grafpedia

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:Brushes | Gradients | Icons & Vectors | Layer Styles | Actions | Patterns | Stock Photos & Textures | Swatches
Grafpedia provides a lot of content primarily for web designers. They have quite a few tutorials on building web layouts in Photoshop, as well as resources such as icons, vectors and Photoshop brushes. All source files and resources need a paid VIP
*** in order to download.
The tutorials also require VIP access to download the source PSD
# 83 Tutorials, most on web design a few drawings
# 29 Photoshop brush packs
# 3 sets of Photoshop gradients
# 91 sets of Icons and Vectors
# 4 sets of Photoshop layer styles
# 5 sets of Photoshop actions
# 5 sets of patterns
# 13 sets of Stock Photos and Textures
# 1 set of Illustrator swatches
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Kelby Training - Mastering Color in Photoshop CS4 Creative Color

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:Lesson 01 Introduction (1:52)
Lesson 02 The Basics: All the Color Theory You Need in 5 Minutes (5:28)
Lesson 03 The Basics: Color in Photoshop vs. Color in Camera Raw (5:55)
Lesson 04 Color Correction: Fixing Color in Camera Raw, 1 (6:48)
Lesson 05 Color Correction: Fixing Color in Camera Raw, 2 (6:25)
Lesson 06 Color Correction: Selective Color Correction (6:47)
Lesson 07 Color Correction: Matching Color in Multiple Images, 1 (6:19)
Lesson 08 Color Correction: Matching Color in Multiple Images, 2 (6:30)
Lesson 09 Enhancing Color: Getting the Heavy Lifting Done in Camera Raw (5:52)
Lesson 10 Enhancing Color: Adding Vibrance and Saturation (5:24)
Lesson 11 Enhancing Color: Selective Color Enhancement (8:13)
Lesson 12 Enhancing Color: Enhancing Color with Focus (7:57)
Lesson 13 Changing Color: Changing One Color to Another (5:28)
Lesson 14 Changing Color: Advanced Hue and Saturation (6:17)
Lesson 15 Changing Color: Changing the Overall Color Mood (8:15)
Lesson 16 Removing Color: Creating a Great Black and White (8:25)
Lesson 17 Removing Color: Split Toning and Tinting Black and Whites (5:37)
Lesson 18 Removing Color: Duotones and Quadtones (7:45)
Lesson 19 Conclusion (0:40)
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Photoshop CS4 Power Shortcuts

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah
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Joel Grimes Tutorials

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:Post Edgy Photoshop Techniques
35 minute video that reveals the Joel Grimes edgy techniques used in all his portraits. Also covered on the video is the process Joel uses to knock-out his subjects and place them in a background and much more.

HDR Backgrounds that Rock
45 minute video that reveals how Joel Grimes captures his HDR backgrounds in the field and processes them in Photomatix. This video covers the process from start to finish. Joel also reveals the Post Edgy Techniques used in all his images.

Take the mystery out of Lighting
This 45 minute video that reveals how Joel Grimes lights his subjects. Topics include the classic Rembrandt lighting, the three edge light gritty look used in his sports and portrait work, as well as his beauty/fashion lighting.
The key to Joel ‘s approach is he builds from the creative process and emphasizes that you are an artist not just a technician. This truly is a breath of fresh air when it comes to taking the mystery out of the whole process.
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masih ada gan...
pm ane ampe lampung brp

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Corey Barker - Photoshop Design Effects

Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah

Quote:This course goes beyond using Photoshop as a photography tool and teaches you how to create eye-catching design effects with photos and even from scratch.

Lesson 01 Introduction (0:24)
Lesson 02 Before We Start (2:05)
Lesson 03 Halftone Effects, Part 1 (5:26)
Lesson 04 Halftone Effects, Part 2 (9:05)
Lesson 05 Graphic Effects (11:54)
Lesson 06 Illustrated Effects (15:31)
Lesson 07 Background Effect (11:54)
Lesson 08 Brush Effects (14:21)
Lesson 09 Photo Effects (11:33)
Lesson 10 Light Effects, Part 1 (11:10)
Lesson 11 Light Effects, Part 2 (12:00)
Lesson 12 Text Effects, Part 1 (15:19)
Lesson 13 Text Effects, Part 2 (7:49)
Lesson 14 Shape Effects (8:58)
Lesson 15 Masking for Effect (7:49)
Lesson 16 Color Effects (5:29)
Lesson 17 Warped Effects (12:07)
Lesson 18 Conclusion (0:37)
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Paket Tutorial Photoshop --> Murah
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