Strapping Band, Plastik Pengikat, Strapping

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Strapping Band, Plastik Pengikat, Strapping
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Strapping band is a Plastic Strap Material , a material which economically sound for customers. Strapping Band has strength characteristics as compared as iron strap.
Strapping Band is used for strapping average and heavy weight goods. The strapping band width is within the range from 9 mm to 15 mm, its thickness is from 0, 55 mm to 0,65 mm. Strapping Band is widely used all over the world during packing and transporting of various goods: timber and lumber (board lumber, saw timber, veneer and particle board), brick, metal - rolling refractory products, household appliances, fastening of goods on pallets, etc. Using Strapping Band in heat pipeline insulation strapping holds much promise. Insulation may be of any type. At that, strapping band tension in the course of time and with drops in temperature from + 50 o in summer to - 50 o in cold does not reduce.
The advantages of using Strapping Band are as follows:
•\tEconomy in use (taking into account a high resistance of Strapping Band to dynamic loads, cargo packing cost is 20 - 30 % lower than iron strap)
•\tWeather resistance (no stain on goods surfaces because Strapping Band does not become rusty)
•\tStrapping band does not damage cargo surface, in most cases it allows not to use shielding angles;
•\tEasy-to-use during transportation and storage (weight of Strapping Band is 7 times as large in comparison to an iron strap weight);
•\t PET strapping band has no sharp edges, it eliminates a possibility of cuts.

Various strap fastening techniques can be used, including a mechanical one - by an iron, plastic or other cramp or a buckle by thermal bonding.
We supply Strapping Bands which have various kinds and sizes:
1.\tAuto A Thickness 0,55:
•\t15 mm x 1900 m / 10 kg
•\t12 mm x 2300 m / 10 kg
•\t9 mm x 2400 m / 8,5 kg
2.\tSemi Auto B Thickness 0,65 mm
•\t15 mm x 1500 m / 10 kg
•\t12 mm x 1700 m / 10 kg
•\t9 mm x 1900 m / 8 kg
3.\tManual Thickness 0,85 mm
•\t18 mm x 800 m / 10 kg
•\t15 mm x 1000 m / 10 kg
•\t16 mm x 950 m / 10 kg
4.\tSemi Auto
•\t15 mm x 1000 m / 10 kg
•\t12 mm x 1200 m / 10 kg
•\t9 mm x 1800 m / 8 kg
•\t18 mm x 700 m / 10 kg
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