Mesin Kopi Espresso Capsule 2nd kondisi muluuss + Bonus senilai Rp 1,5jt

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Mesin Kopi Espresso Capsule 2nd kondisi muluuss + Bonus senilai Rp 1,5jt
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Solusi membuat kopi espresso, cappucino dan regular dengan...PRAKTIS...BERSIH...NIKMAT

Tidak perlu menggiling, menyendok dan menakar.

Kopi bubuk dan ampas kopi tidak berserakan karena di tempatkan di dalam kapsul.

Kesegaran aroma kopi, takaran dan kepadatan kopi (tamping) yang optimal karena di buat dengan standard yang tinggi, menghasilkan kualitas kopi yang sama setiap cangkirnya.

Cocok untuk keperluan pribadi, kantor dan untuk memulai usaha cafe mini

Spoiler for Espresso Coffee Capsule Machine:

Harga: 3.000.000,-
Buat yang gak nawar bonus 300 pcs illy coffee capsules senilai Rp. 1,5jt
Yang nawar gak dapet bonus lah... Gitu aja koq repot emoticon-Ngakak

Contact: 021 9237 5521

Main Characteristics

Unit: Iespresso machine
Boiler: Refills automatically
Temperature: Always at the right temperature to extract the perfect espresso
Alerts: flashes blue when warming up, lights stay on when temperature is ready
Graphic Icons: On top of the machine, 2 settings, espresso and long black
Water tank: removable 1.2L tank

The Mitaca is a CAPSULE machine designed to work with the illy capsules, it is a flawless system with a guaranteed perfectly fresh espresso every time. The Capsules are gas flushed with Nitrogen and individually sealed to ensure that perfectly fresh ground taste every time, a lot less cleaning required. Waste and inconsistency are a thing of the past with this machine.

Spoiler for Coffee Capsules:

Coffee Capsules

The secret lies in the innovative patented coffee capsule--conceived, developed and produced by illy-- which encloses a complete extraction group that replaces the traditional process of percolation with a two-phase extraction. In the first phase, hyper-brewing, hot water under pressure creates optimal uniform conditions that enhance the extraction of coffee flavor and aroma and increase its richness and complexity. In the second phase, emulsification, coffee is forced through a special valve at the bottom of the capsule, mixing with air to produce a round, velvety, long-lasting crema.

A further innovation is that there is absolutely no contact between the coffee inside the capsule and the machine, assuring that each cup of espresso is perfectly pure.

Benefits of the Hyper Espresso System:
Easy to use: The system is extremely easy to use: Anyone can prepare a perfect espresso without previous training.
No mess and easy cleanup: The absence of contact between the coffee and the machine assures the purity of each espresso and keeps cleanup to a minimum.
Long-lasting crema: Crema, the hallmark of a perfect espresso, lasts an astonishing 30 minutes rather than rapidly dissipating as with traditional brewing methods. The long-lasting crema allows a restaurant or café to serve several coffees at the same time.
No waste: Capsules stay fresh for 30 days after the container is opened
Range of capsules: Capsules are available in medium and dark roasts and decaffeinated. Each capsule contains 7 grams of pre-measured, expertly tamped espresso coffee to make a perfect shot.
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