Jual Soundcard legendaris X-Fi Prelude 120db Snr & X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

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Jual Soundcard legendaris X-Fi Prelude 120db Snr & X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
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1. X-fi prelude (sc legendaris nih)

Better Circuit Board. Better Audio.™

The Auzen X-Fi Prelude is a one-of-a-kind circuit board designed by Auzentech's engineers, leaders in the fields of analog and digital audio. Assembled with superior components, the board includes Auzentech-only innovations such as user-upgradable Operational Amplifiers, combo-ports that support both coaxial and optical connectors, and more.

National LM4562NA High Performance Audio OPAMP
The LM4562 from the NATIONAL combines extremely low voltage noise density (2.7nV/ ? ^Hz) with vanishingly low THD+N (0.00003%) to satisfy demanding audiophiles.

TI OPA2134 SoundPlus™ High Performance Audio OPAMP
The OPA134 series are ultra-low distortion, low noise operational amplifiers fully specified for audio applications. A true FET input stage was incorporated to provide superior sound quality and speed for exceptional audio performance.

Swappable OPAMP Socket (Front L/R only)
OPAMP IC can be easily replaced with another one. The swappable dual DIP type Operational Amplifier(OPAMP) provides convenient do-it-yourself upgrade for ultimate analog sound quality and color.

Optical / Coaxial COMBO Port
It is possible to shift between Optical and Coaxial in this port. Optical cable can be connected with the TOSLINK adaptor (included with soundcard).

The AK4396 is a high performance stereo DAC for 24bit 120dB stereo, 96kHz sampling rate, DSD Input, ultra-low out-of-band noise, 180mW, digital attenuator manufactured by Asahi Kasei Micro systems.

The AK5394A is a 24bit, 96kHz sampling 2ch A/D Converter for professional digital audio systems. The modulator uses the new advanced multi-bit architecture and achieves 123dB dynamic range and wide bandwidth with superior distortion characteristics.

Solid Condenser for maximum durability & stability
The solid capacitor has been adopted to provide higher durability and stability than usual condensers, and to stabilize the electric power source.

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2. X-fI Xtreme Gamer
mungkin udah pada tau ya, cukup terkenal di X-fi processor
kualitas suara bisa diadu sama x-fi titanium cuman ini masih PCI biasa aja.

Harga : Xfi prelude 950rb, Xfi xtreme gamer 450rb

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Jual Soundcard legendaris X-Fi Prelude 120db Snr & X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

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