CCTV, Building-Home Security System, Monitoring and Maintenance

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CCTV, Building-Home Security System, Monitoring and Maintenance
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Harga : Rp 100.000
Location : DKI Jakarta

TrimeCON Group Security System and Monitoring Division

- Registered Vendor For Pertamina Persero Since 2008
- Registered Vendor For Pertamina AVIATION Since 2008
- Registered Vendor For Pertamina EP Since 2008
- Registered Vendor For Pertamina Lubricants Tj. Priuk Since 2003
- Registered Vendor For SHELL Indonesia since 2009
- Registered Vendor For ESDM Since 2010
- Registered Vendor For BNP2TKI Since 2010

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Since 2004 we've been providing our clients with the most sophisticated Building Security System, Maintenance and Integrated Monitoring with Tracking System. These are some of our products info :

Central Monitoring Station
TrimeCON Group Security System and Monitoring Division operates and organize a 24hr Central Monitoring Centre (CMC) service in Indonesia

Who's watching your home or business while you're away on vacation? or asleep? or at work?

With TrimeCON Group Security System and Monitoring Division Security Services Monitored Security System, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing our Central Station is always monitoring your home or business.

We offer solutions that meet our clients needs for personal safety and protection of your property. We provide security services for our clients, tailored to meet their individual requirements, using advanced electronic security technology, well-trained security officers, or a combination of both.

Our Services
When you think of your home or your business, you think of a safe haven. TrimeCON Group Security System and Monitoring Division Security Services offer a comprehensive Residential or Small Business Alarm Security. TrimeCON Group Security System and Monitoring Division Security Services will designs, install, and monitor security systems to protect clients from:
• Burglary
• Fire & Safety
• Personal
• Emergency
• 24hr Response
• Max 2 x 24hr Onsite Services

Use Your Finger Tips To Get Assistance

No matter where you live, two or 2,000 miles from our Central Monitoring Centre or your Business you are not more than one minute away from alerting emergency assistance. When an event occurs, an alarm is transmitted to a monitoring center where trained professionals are available 24/7 to take action. so that your emergency never gets a chance to escalate. Our state-of-the-art monitoring technologies watch, look, listen and alert us to anything that might compromise the safety and security of your family and property.

CCTV System
With our innovations and use of the latest technology available, we can design a multifaceted system to meet all your business needs
From 1 camera to a thousand cameras,
The CCTV Company has vast experience in integrated digital technology; a modern CCTV system involves an integrated system comprising of static cameras and pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to enable operators to monitor remotely from a control room.
The system involves sophisticated technology. Features can include:
Triplex DVR ‘s with removable hard disk drives
night vision using the latest IR technology available
Networked based CCTV to enable you to view the cameras from the comfort of your office or from your laptop anywhere in the world
PIR detectors are linked to the cameras which send live video images to a monitoring station to allow real time video of the alarm activation
PA System linked to the system to enable instant communication with your site
With the latest in infrared technology our systems can work in pitch-blackness, bringing images up to daylight level.
We install systems that are essential to adapt to social changes, in with each design we do a risk assessment, therefore allowing the system to be flexible in the future and has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
The CCTV Company – Giving Thieves the Recognition They Deserve. For a full range of products available or to book a consultation

Access Control

From a simple stand alone access system that does not require a PC, through to a fully networked PC based access system which is capable of doing from1 to 100’s of doors and from 1 to 1000 users. Access Control has proven an essential and reliant tool for business such as retail department stores, industrial and commercial premises, public building such as schools, libraries, doctors, hospitals. Access Control Systems have the ability to not only let authorized personnel into secure areas, but also giving you the ability to stop people entering unauthorized areas.

You can select various different access control systems such as:
• Biometric Readers
• Thumb Readers
• Proximity Fobs
• Swipe Cards

Integrated Digital Access Control Systems can be used on the following applications:

• Log on to your site anywhere in the world
• Allow staff access to controlled areas
• Monitor unauthorized areas
• Time Keeping
• Staff management,
• Full audit availability
• Lights
• Gates / Barriers
• Machinery
• Doors

The CCTV Company offer a Wide range of services available to not just customers whom have had CCTV/Access Control systems installed by us but we are here for any company who feels let down by their existing supplier, we are happy to take over the maintenance of any CCTV or Access Control System we can also offer takeover of the monitoring if you don’t feel your existing company is fulfilling their agreement. We feel that we will not be beaten on our excellent service track record or our prices as we offer excellent maintenance rates and a low cost service call rate.
We pride ourselves in our workmanship so much that we offer a full 5 year guarantee on all installations and we pass all manufactures warranties on to the end user; the majority are between 3 and 5 years, we also install advanced replacements on all CCTV equipment.
Our Clients :
• Pertamina Aviation - Halim Perdanakusuma
• Pertamina Aviation - Bandara Int'l Soekarno-Hatta (SHIP - M1)
• Pertamina Lubricants Tj. Priuk.
• Pertamina PERSERO Tj. Sekong.
• 27 Pertamina SPBU NON COCO (Privately Owned) - Jabodetabek
• Kementrian ESDM
• SHELL Indonesia
• Classic Hotel, Karaoke and SPA
• Diva Family Karaoke
• RS. Fatmawati
• Wisma Metropolitan
• Menara Duta
• Mini Market
• Ford Showroom Pulomas
• Many More....

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