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Buku Bubbles by McGraw Hill
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Buku Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Longman (TK, SD, SMP, SMA, Universitas).. masuk GAN!!!!

Bubbles… are uses the language of instruction American English and written by Gloria Kleinert, published by McGraw-Hill ELT for Kindergarten School (six) level. Bubbles is an appealing six-level series for a new generation of kindergarten and preschool children offering simple, easy-to teach activities, a wide range of manual activities, and a focus on listening and speaking.

Children from two to six years of age are guaranteed to have fun discovering the world and learning a new language with Bubbles, while their specific learning needs are also taken into account. The series incorporates current methodology and the most up-to-date research into child development, such as neurolinguistic programming, which promotes communication through the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels.

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Key Features: * Child-centered, with an emphasis on discovery through play * TPR activities to stimulate learning * Charming illustrations that will delight kindergarten and preschool children * Appealing design * Cute songs and chants especially written for the series * Complete and easy-to-follow Teacher’s Edition.


Audio CDs 1 (9780071258838)

Audio CDs 2 (9780071258845)

Audio CDs 3 (9780071258852)

Audio CDs 4 (9780071258869)

Audio CDs 5 (9780071249706)

Audio CDs 6 (9780071250030)

Flashcard 1 (9789701046595)

Flashcard 2 (9789701046609)

Flashcard 3 (9789701046616)

Flashcard 4 (9789701046623)

Flashcard 5 (9780071119726)

Flashcard 6 (9780071119764)

Poster Pack (9780071110471)

Student Book 1 (9780071110273)

Student Book 2 (9780071110280)

Student Book 3 (9780071110297)

Student Book 4 (9780071110303)

Student Book 5 (9780071119696)

Student Book 6 (9780071119733)

Teacher’s Guide 1 (9780071110396)

Teacher’s Guide 2 (9780071110402)

Teacher’s Guide 3 (9780071110419)

Teacher’s Guide 4 (9780071110426)

Teacher’s Guide 5 (9780071250139)

Teacher’s Guide 6 (9780071251129)