Jual Second Bumbo Seat Blue

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Jual Second Bumbo Seat Blue
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 450.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
Bumbo Baby Seat second IDR 450,000 tanpa tray (nett price - no bargain)

The award winning Bumbo Baby Seat is cleverly designed to support baby in comfort, allowing them to sit up independently. Made from a single piece of latex-free, low-density and lightweight foam, the Bumbo Seat provides a snug and comfortable environment for baby to sit up for feedings, play time or quality time with the family. The Bum
bo Baby Seat requires no straps or fasteners to hold babies in place, and helps them transition into sitting. It also makes the perfect baby shower gift. Safety First: Never leave your baby unattended. Never use on a raised or uneven surface, as a car seat, in a bath or in other water. Bumbo should only be used on a flat ground level surface. Warning- Prevent Falls, never use on any elevated surface.

Made in South Africa

Shipment 7kgs

Kondisi : barang 95% baik tanpa cacat, lengkap dengan dus
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Jual Second Bumbo Seat BlueB
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