jual subwoofer VELODYNE IMPACT-12

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jual subwoofer VELODYNE IMPACT-12
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 12.345.678
Location : DKI Jakarta
jual subwoofer VELODYNE IMPACT-12

There ain't no substitute for cubic inches, or so our American cousins would have it – and in subwoofer terms, here's your proof.

American brand Velodyne can readily deliver great bass from a small enclosure, but with its Impact-12, it's adopted a more traditional approach.

This is a big ol'box designed to deliver big ol' bass, the cabinet being some 12cm deeper than the Tannoy TS-12, even though it's fitted with a similarly hefty 30cm drive unit.

In action, the Velodyne sounds reminiscent of one of its forebears, the CHT-12R. It serves up no-fuss, max-fun bass, its extension and sheer sofa-shuddering weight eclipsing even the excellent B&W ASW610.

However, switch to music listening, and there's a subtle lack of fluidity to its approach, a tangible slowness that hinders the attacking drive of Audioslave's Revelations.

That makes this fine sub more of a movie than a music classic.

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