Jual Keyboard synth KORG X5D

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Jual Keyboard synth KORG X5D
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 32
Location : DKI Jakarta
Jual korg X5D second kelengkapan + Tambahan

1. Dus
2. Unit
3. Sustain
4. Softcase
5. Charger
6. Stand Keyboard

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Jual Keyboard synth KORG X5D

Jual Keyboard synth KORG X5D

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A Class By Itself
Using the acclaimed AI2 Synthesis system, the X5D gives you 8MB of PCM waveform memory. It features 430 Multi sounds and 215 drum/percussion sounds, plus a whopping 64 notes of polyphony for even the most complex musical passages.

There are also 2 completely independent dynamic multi-effects processors, featuring 47 different effect types, including delay, reverb, distortion and rotary speaker, making it possible to get exactly the sound you need.

With the X5D, you can create and save up to 100 of your own original Programs and 100 Combinations. What's more, it also features classic sounds from Korg synthesizers, such as the MI,T-Series, Wavestation and 0I/W. The X5D also provides the flexibility of 2 memory banks. Preset A, which is compatible withn the X5D, and preset B, which is compatible with the X5. And the X5D's full General MIDI compatibility, with 128

General MIDI Programs plus 8 drum programs including one for GM, allows you to play back song data easily.

The X5D features a full 61-note keyboard along with modulation and pitch bend wheels and for those players who like to use alternate tunings, the X5D has a special scale function that gives you equal and pure temperament, as well as Workmeister III, Kirnberger III, Arabic, Indonesian and other exotic, nonstandard tuning systems. While the new X5D is lightweight, there's nothing lightweight about its performance. Its sound is simply stunning and because it's extremely portable and rugged, you can take your X5D anywhere.

What's more, the X5D can be linked to a computer via the built-in PC interface on the rear panel (using the optional Ag-001/002 cable and driver software). This gives you maximum 64-note polyphony, integrated General MIDI (GM) and other GM-compatible programs, which you can play or edit directly from your computer.

Naturally, you can use the X5D's keyboard to input notes to your sequencer. And the selectable baud rate ensures that the X5D will be compatible with your system-no matter what computer you use. In short, the X5D is ideally suited to any multimedia and computer music application.

Sound Generation Method: AI2 (Advanced Integrated) Synthesis System

Sound Source: 64 voices, 64 oscillators (single mode); 32 voices, 64 oscillators (double mode)

Keyboard: 61 notes with velocity

Waveform Memory: PCM 8 Mbytes
Effects: 2 digital multi-effect systems, 47 effects

Program/Combination: ROM 128 programs + 8 drum programs (including one drum program for GM), RAM 100 programs + 100 combinations

Control Inputs: Assignable Switch, Assignable Pedal

Outputs: L/MONO, R, Headphones

Communication Terminal: Computer interface (to host PC)


Display: LCD 16 characters x 2 lines with backlight

Power Supply: DC12V, 700mA (AC adapter)

Accessories: AC adapter, Bonus Disk SED-00 for Windows/for Mac (X5/05 SoundEditor, MIDI Driver)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 900 x 254.2 x 83.4 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg
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