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GoPro Hero 2
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Harga : Rp 3.100.000
Location : Jawa Barat
GoPro Hero 2

Quote:Price IDR 3100K
Ave - Cimahi
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GoPro Hero 2

GoPro Hero 2

GoPro Hero 2


It's hard to believe that something so small can not only have all of the following specs, but also produce amazing quality images at the same time.

Camera Optics

2X Sharper Professional Glass Lens (to the original Hero HD)
f/2.8 Fixed Focus
170º Wide FOV (Including 1080p)
127º Medium FOV (In 1080p)
90º Narrow FOV

1080p: 1920×1080, 30FPS
960p: 1280×960, 48FPS + 30FPS
720p: 1280×720, 60FPS + 30FPS
WVGA: 848×480, 120FPS (amazing slow-motion) + 60FPS
High Performance,1 /2.3” CMOS Image Sensor
Light Sensitivity: .84 V/lux-sec
Video Format: H.264 codec, .mp4 File Format
Exposure Control: Spot, Center Weighted
White Balance: Auto

FOV: Wide 170º FOV, Medium 127º FOV
CAPTURE MODES: Single, 10 Photo Burst, Time-Lapse*, Self-Timer
* Now supports time-lapse photo every 0.5 seconds. Requires Class 10 speed SD Card.

Mono, 48 kHz, AAC Compression, Auto Gain Control
Stereo External Microphone Input (3.5mm)
SDHC: Up to 32GB (Class 4 or Higher)
1080p30: 4 hours
960p30: 6 hours
720p60: 4 hours
720p30: 6 hours
WVGA 120: 4.5 hours
Included Cables

USB Cable For Charging and Data Transfer
Battery & Charging

1100mah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Charge via USB
Operating System

Microsoft Windows® Vista, 7 and Later
Mac OS® x 10.5 and Later
Compatible with all GoPro BacPacs

Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote™ (Coming Soon)
LCD BacPac™
Battery BacPac™
3D HERO® System*
What You Get


Straight out of the box, and something that was a no brainer for me when deciding to buy the Go Pro HD Hero 2, you get the main camera with a super tough, polycarbonate, waterproof housing which is good for up to 60m...excellent!

You also get what is known as a skeleton back which isn't waterproof, but you can attach when not using in water to allow sound to reach the microphone.


The battery comes with a decent enough charge for you to play with the camera straight away but I recommend charging it fully first. The battery is a Lithium Ion


The attachments you get depend on which model you buy. All the basics are the same in each pack (camera, housing, additional back cover, cables, battery, booklets etc) but the only thing that differs are the ways in which you use the camera.

I bought two motorsports versions as they have an incredibly strong suction mount that allows me to attach the camera pretty much anywhere on a car or motorbike without any danger of it coming off (as long as you do it right).

With this version, you get the suction mount with various angling clamps, 3 standard flat (3M) sticky mounts for your snowboard, skis or any flat surface and 3 slightly curved mounts for crash helmets.

I bought the additional head strap just because it adds a new dimension to some footage.


Wow! I thought the quality from the original Go Pro Hero HD was good but this is even better. Check out the video at the top of this page in HD if you haven't will blow you away!

I love the 1080p setting for many uses but to be honest, my favourite current video format is 720p at 60fps. The definition is high enough for great, super smooth HD footage for the web and even on my 32" HD TV it looks amazing.

The fact that I can slow the footage down by 2.5 times to 24fps gives some beautifully smooth slow motion video....lovely!

The 1280x960p at 48fps is particularly good if you use the camera on a chest mount when cycling, skiing or snowboarding as you get some smooth (or 2x slow motion), high definition video but with a "taller" field of view for you to capture more height in your video.

The ability to change the field of view to a low 90 degrees is fantastic for some jobs I do and then to switch back to the amazing 170 degrees for everything else. I am amazed that even at this wide setting, distant objects don't seem that small!

It can be tricky in some circumstances to get the exposure right, and the spot metering can help, but be aware of where you point your camera. For example, if it is a particularly dull day and you aim the camera more to the sky, it will expose for the sky leaving the ground somewhat underexposed and losing detail in the important things.

Angle the camera down more to be safe or use the additional LCD BacPac to compose your shot before heading off on any long journeys.

Low light footage looks pretty good...not as good as purpose built video cameras but very good nonetheless. Think about adding light as you would using standard video gear if possible and needed.

If you buy this camera, try out the super high speed setting of 120fps in standard definition mode (WVGA: 848×480). It looks amazingly smooth in normal playback but you can slow this down 5 times (using editing software) for some beautiful slow motion video.

Great for checking out your golf swing!

I have used two camera attached to my car using the suction clamp and I must say it works really well. I feel confident that the Go Pro Hero HD 2 will stick to the car without falling off as long as I prepare the suface well enough (clean it)! I use a microphone plugged into the HD Hero 2 inside the car and the sound is exceptional. Here are some screen grabs from the footage...


Being a professional photographer, I have pro spec DSLR's for most of my work but even so, this little camera is great and very handy as an uber-portable alternative for certain events. Maybe you are likely to get soaked (water parks) or bashed about a bit (concerts) and need to know your camera is capable of holding its own.

As a standard camera, you need some composition skills unless you use the LCD BacPac as you have no way of seeing what you are shooting. Use the wide field of view to make sure you capture the action in most cases.

The time lapse feature is fantastic with a good range of shooting times from every one minute right down to every half a second (using a class 10 SD card). Again, the possibilities to get creative with this are endless as are the uses for the high speed, 10 frames in a second feature...great for air shows, car shows, bike races or any fast action events you may attend or take part in!

The self timer (10 seconds) is also very handy if you want to be in the shots too.

This camera has no flash or built in lighting.



One of my biggest gripes with the original Hero HD, and with the Contour HD I used in Africa, and something that puts off a lot of Vloggers (video bloggers), is the quality of audio on many of these small units.

However, the new Go Pro HD Hero 2 finally has a 3.5mm stereo, external mic input. This is great if you use your camera on a motorbike and want recognisable audio from within your crash helmet.

I use Sony radio mics so I can speak and record my voice even when 200 feet away from the camera, very handy indeed and the quality of sound is awesome.

Using just the cameras built in mic, on both the Go Pro HD Hero 2 and the original HD Hero is ok and useable but not the best. I will say though, that the internal mic picks up engine noise quite nicely (if you like that sort of thing).

Get an external mic.


The number of accessories, add-ons and gadgets for this camera is pretty impressive...but also expensive. Be aware that buying the camera with all the tasty additions cad add up so check your cart before pressing "buy"!

LCD BacPac

Very handy indeed if you want to ensure accurate composition of your footage and stills. This is totally detachable and easy to use and will also allow you to review footage and stills right from the camera.

You also receive a series of additional backs to the housing to allow for the extended body:

1 LCD BacPac screen
1 Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD HERO housing
1 Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD Wrist housing
1 Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD HERO housing
1 Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD Wrist housing
1 Year Warranty
This turns the Go Pro HD Hero 2 into a handy, everyday digital!

LCD BacPac Features

Attaches to 1080p HD HERO cameras featuring the rear HERO Port
Simple one button design allows for easy on/off and playback control
Normal speed, fast forward, and fast reverse video and photo playback
Integrated speaker with volume control
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