Jual alat alat snorkling merk Cressi made in italy

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SOLD OUT alat alat snorkling merk Cressi made in italy
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 1.500.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
SOLD OUT , terima kasih kaskus
Ane beli di

Jual alat alat snorkling merk Cressi made in italy

Seluruhnya beli di, belum dipake sama sekali, plastik buku masi lengkap kap kap, belom sentuh air sama sekali.

Spoiler for lengkap:

Paket snorklingnya terdiri dari :

1. Fin Cressi : reaction pro (black orange - keren) size 40-41 (ane pake merk lain seac sub 42-43, pake ini pas)

Spoiler for gambar di toko

Spoiler for gambar punya ane:

Fin dapat digunakan sebagai fin scuba ataupun free-diving. Fin ini merupakan fin full foot paling powerful dari semua jajaran fin full-foot kami. Sangking powerful-nya, fin ini bisa masuk kategori fin free-diving. Jarang fin dengan ukuran Reaction-Pro yang mendapatkan tempat sebagai fin free-diving.

2. Mask Big Eyes

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Spoiler for gambar punya ane:

This mask has totally revolutionised the sector, thanks to the new and exclusive principles that it has introduced and which represent just as many milestones.

For the first time in the world the lenses are not parallel to the face but are raked and have an "inverted drop" shape, with a very particular formation, the structure of which is covered by international patent.

The anatomically shaped band is very narrow and is invisible when the mask is worn.

The all round visibility, above all downwards, reaches unprecedented limits, exceeding those of a traditional mask by 30%, allowing dressing and equipment checks that were impossible before the arrival of Big Eyes.

The raking of the lenses and the consequent shape of the skirt drastically reduce the internal volume of the mask which is similar to that of free diving models.

The soft silicone skirt and the wide sealing ring against the face make the mask very comfortable to use.

Two tilting buckles guarantee quick and accurate adjustment of the strap.

An excellent mask for both snorkelling and scuba diving.

3. Snorkel gamma

Spoiler for gambar di toko

Spoiler for gambar punya ane:

Snorkel semi-dry menghalangi air masuk hingga 80%. Adjustment snorkel terletak pada bagian licin sehingga mudah diatur.

Profiled guard: this drastically reduces water intake and splashing from the top without blocking breathing.
Adjustable attachment: system of quick-attachment to the mask strap, which runs along the snorkel bore for perfect positioning.
New drainage well: this draws all the remaining water to the bottom end of the tube, preventing all blockage to breathing.
Internal elliptical valve: the elliptical valve optimises water drainage, making it quick and easy to purge the snorkel.

4. Bah cressi deluxe black

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Spoiler for gambar punya ane:

Tasnya keren gan.

Spoiler for siap nyemplung snorkling or free dive:

Harga di :
Paket snorkling tanpa bag : 1.199.000
Bag cressi : 400.000
Total : 1.599.000

Ane mau jual : 1.500.000 (nego tipis gan)

Bisa juga kalo mau beli pisah2.

1. Fin reaction pro : 750.000 net
2. Mask big eye : 400.000 net
3. Snorkle gamma : 250.000 net
4. Bag cressi : 300.000 net

Thx gan..
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