Dijual Speaker ADAM ( All Series ) Speaker High end harga mid end

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Dijual Speaker ADAM ( All Series ) Speaker High end harga mid end
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Harga : Rp 12.345
Location : DKI Jakarta
Halowww Agan/Aganwati semua..
khususnya Audio lovers... SALAM HANGAT emoticon-Kiss

Perkenalkan kami dari team audiostation jakarta...
mw nawarin salah satu product ( Brand ) utama
Hellll Yeaaaahhhh Its ADAM SPEAKER

buat yang belum tau apa dan bagaimana ADAM SPEAKER
please cek This

cek this

knapa kami bilang ADAM speaker menjadi brand utama kami...?
Yup karena saat ini kami AUDIOSTATION adalah pemegang distributor utama untuk seluruh wilayah indonesia..

For pic please cek this

Spoiler for A3X:

With the A3X, ADAM Audio present their smallest monitor to date, making it perfectly suited for all environments where space is limited but sound shouldn't be constricted. The A3X combines a tiny footprint with the much acclaimed ADAM sound quality by using the X-ART tweeter for the higher frequencies, a guarantee for crystal clear music reproduction.

A 4.5" (basket) driver handles the lower registers. The diaphragm is made from carbon fiber, a material that is very lig

Spoiler for A5X:

The similar dimensions and name could make one believe that the A5X is nothing more than a new version of the A5. A quick listening however leaves no doubt that the A5X is much more than that.

Like all other models of the AX-Series it features the proprietary X-ART tweeter. The very data of this technology shows that it is at the forefront of what tweeters can accomplish. Numerous listening tests have confirmed this.

A 5.5-inch Midwoofer reproduces the frequencies bel

Spoiler for A7X:

Considering investing in a pair of studio monitors? Ask a pro audio engineer, and chances are you'll hear the name "Adam." Adam studio monitors have long been associated with incredible accuracy, premium components -- and, ever since the hugely popular A7 model, a price within reach of mere mortals. The Adam A7X makes notable refinements to the A7, with extended-range ribbon tweeters and re-engineered bass drivers for a more three-dimensional, focused sound. More than just a

Spoiler for A77X:

The brand new ADAM A77X Monitor might become a true game changer with all of its outstanding features. It is equipped with the same advanced technologies as the A7X, and is therefore very similar to the two-way speaker. The A77X, however, distinguishes itself with much higher, compression-free maximum sound pressure levels and dynamics. Due to its power and radiation characteristics, it also is perfectly suited for both near- and midfield monitoring.

In some set-ups it can be ad

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price listnya mana bos
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ADAM speaker

minta price-list nya dong gan, trims
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PM'in price listnya dung bro...kalo ada yg F-series boleh di list'kan juga...

thanks before...