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JR Propo XG8
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 3.500.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
img][/img]JR Propo XG8JR Propo XG8JR Propo XG8
Remote/Radio JR Propo XG8DMSS 2.4Ghz, Telemetry
8 Channels
SD Crad Slot
8inch backlight LCD display 】
With back light graphic LCD display capable to see indoor or outdoor use.
Heli mode information display

User friendly Curve settings
Included with multi point input ease the settings.
Throttle curve display
INPUT value setting display

SD Card Slot
Capable to save model data to the SD card. Data conversion capable between DSX-11(11X ZERO) (Only between same program)

SYSTEM: DMSS/Computer Mixing
FREQUENCY: 2.4GHz FH-SS Frequency hopping Spread spectrum

•Dual Rate & Exponential 2selections Each flight mode
•Left/Right Control Surface travel adjustment
•Sub Trim
•Sevro reverse
•Servo Speed: 2selections
•Program Mixing: 6systems , Normal, curve selection Possible
•(DOWN/STOP)Timer: 2selections
•Mixing Monitor
•Servo Monitor: with servo test mode
•30-model internal memory
•Model data copy & erase :copy (Inside TX)(Between TX and TX)(Between TX and SD card)
•Model Type select: 3types, Heli,Acro, sailplane
•Model name: 8characters
•Flight mode name: 6/4characters
•Trim system: Trim step, trim type
•Stick position switch: 2system
•Trim input switch: 4system
•Stick alert: THRO(SPOI)
•Custom Alert
◦LCD back light
◦LCD contrast
◦Low battery alarm
◦Idle alert
◦Beep alert tone changeable
◦Indication of the software version
•Trainer system: 2types o selection possible
•Bind and range check
•Bind/French Mode Selection
•Telemetry functions :
◦No link alarm
◦RX battery alarm
◦Temperature alarm
◦R.P.M. Sensor (able to select various settings i.e. gear ratio, number of props, delay settings, paek hold)
◦Altitude sensor 3types of alarm settings
◦Vario meter (ascent 4pattern/descent 1pattern)
◦Flight pack voltage alarm
◦Flight pack capacity measurement
•Fail safe(During the binding)
•Device Select
•All servo Hold
•THRO stick direction
•Mode Changeable: Mode1/2/3/4
•Touch select function
•Telemetry indication: Customs sub-information display
•Advanced Digital Trim on each flight mode
•Trainer jack
•Graphic dispaly with back light LCD
•Charging circuit integrated for Li-FE battery (standard TX pack)