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jual head unit skeleton skt 8174
Kondisi Barang : Second
Harga : Rp 123
Location : Banten
Double Din DVD/TV/USB/Slot Memory/TFT LCD Touch Screen 6,5"
Double din 6,5 Inch 16:9 Digital Touch Screen
GUI for active touch screen control
panel control
remote infrared control
Setting EQ
Image Adjustmet brightness, contrast, colour
USB / SO port
AM/FM frequencies for all ccountries, with RDS
Built In TV Tuner
Built In amplifier output power 4x45W
Top video input and Video output
Supply voltage DC 10,8V-DC 16V

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jual head unit skeleton skt 8174

pemakaian baru sekitar 3 bln no lecet fungsi normal dus lengkap masih garansi....harga : Rp.1.750.000 nego alus aja gan.....minat hub: 081212101210