KREDIT Kitchen Set, bayar bisa tempo dan KPR bank JABAR

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KREDIT Kitchen Set, bayar bisa tempo dan KPR bank JABAR
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 1
Location : Jawa Barat
We are, Byzanthium Kuchen

We are Team interiors engaged in services "Design & Build", cheap and good quality with no visual aesthetic rules leave rules of a design.
The price we offer is very competitive and can be tailored to the consumer budget.
All spec that we use in the manufacture of kitchen sets and other interior relatively inexpensive, ranging from an economical price, medium and high price list.
All prices are dependent on the type of base material construction and finishing type used.

Why Should BYZANTHIUM kuchen?

Complaints and constraints faced by consumers in realizing the dream for almost all the same, namely:
- Functional
- Aesthetic / charming
- Live Style (Lifestyle) = mejeng to a colleague / friend
- Sustainable till posterity (relative)

From the above experience, we as interior team was challenged to answer all of these complaints.

"CHEAP, but not CHEAPO"

more information contact:
Muji Winarko:

Showroom : Auri Radar Road No. 9 Cibubur, near

appartemen Cibubur Village

(Next to Car Dealer SUZUKI)
Workshop : Jalan Terusan Salak 3 no 4 perum Pondok

Sukatani Permai cottage Cimanggis Depok
Mobbile : 62813.426.3941 / 62812.1026.6442
BB : 30fe6e23
Office : 622180270365/021 . 629340.7683
Email : -
Website :

* Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice, due to the increase
material prices in the market.
* Price does not change when the offer does not exceed 14 days
* Price does not include APPLIANCE and accessories HIGH Quality System
KREDIT Kitchen Set, bayar bisa tempo dan KPR bank JABAR