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DUKE DVD TODAY GOLFERS - SHORT GAMEHow often have you nailed two perfect shots greenside and then fluffed your chip, wasting a shot? It’s a common scenario.

The short game can be one of the most frustrating parts of golf. It’s one area that requires skill and practice to perfect – and usually causes the most frustration. Delicate chips from the edge of the green, awkward pitch shots over bunkers… there are plenty of shots to master. If you can krack these and the other tricky short game tasks, your scores will steadily improve.

In this DVD we study all aspects of the short game and break it down into simple sections. Some of the things you’ll learn from this Today’s Golfer DVD include:

- How to get up and down from different lies around the green.
- How to get long putts closer.
- Never be beaten by another bunker again.
- Nail those nervy four-footers every time.
- Impress your mates with the ultimate showman’s shot – the parachute lob.
- Banish the dreaded fat and thinned chip from your game.
- Plus much more.
Pro coaches Lee Scarbrow and Nick Bradley use sight, sound and movement to bring golf instruction to life like never before. Play Your Best Ever Short Game will take your golf to the next level.
Lee Scarbrow is head pro at John O’Gaunt Golf Club, Bedfordshire.