Repeater 3G Comba SP 2100 khusus Indosat resmi postel

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Repeater 3G Comba SP 2100 khusus Indosat resmi postel
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 25
Location : DKI Jakarta
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Bandwidth options of 5MHz, 10MHz and 15MHz, which are adjustable within 60MHz and can be configured through setting center frequency.
With integrated antenna (6dBi gain) and option for connecting external antenna.
Low noise amplifier improves uplink system noise figure for better voice quality and reduced dropped call.
Highly integrated design with miniaturized enclosure, light weight and easy to install.roduct


The SP-2110 COMBA Band Adjustable Pico Repeater is designed for indoor operation. It is a bi-directional amplifier that is used to enhance signal strength in small-and-medium-sized areas in a WCDMA network. The system gain is compensated automatically according to the temperature variation within the equipment enclosure, which ensures stable operation under ambient temperature. It is best suitable for provision of signal coverage within offices and residential apartments.


The system commissioning of SP-2110 can be performed without using any additional tool or equipment. Once the equipment lid is removed, programming the equipment is through operating three dial switches with visual feedback by LED.

Located on the lower-right of the internal operating panel are the three dial switches: “Freq Control”, “Freq Offset” and “Gain”:

Freq Control: is used to set centre frequency and control the working band of the equipment.

Freq Offset: is used to offset the working frequency preset by “Freq Control”.

Gain: is used to adjust and control equipment gain, which are adjusted according to the actual input signal strength.
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Repeater 3G Comba SP 2100 khusus Indosat resmi postel