Ronin G-10 Stealth for iPhone 5

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Ronin G-10 Stealth for iPhone 5
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 399.000
Location : Jawa Barat
[center]Ronin G-10 Stealth for iPhone 5[/center]

Deskripsi Barang:

With design inspired by the clean lines of the Katana, or Samurai sword, the Ronin 5 sets new heights in iPhone case technology and style.

Every aspect of the Ronin 5 case, from design and manufacturing to exotic materials, surpasses anything ever seen in the mobile accessory market. We've reached new heights with the Ronin's proprietary micro machined volume/mute mechanism and seemingly impossible CNC machining details in rare exotic wood.

We have spared no expense with the chosen materials for this premium case. The aluminum is aircraft grade, made in the USA and machined in the USA. After machining, the aluminum parts are polished by hand and then nickel plated. Nickel plating is not only used to preserve and protect the machined aluminum, but it also provides the smooth warm luster that only real nickel can provide.

The Ronin 5 is the flag ship model in the Element Case line of premium mobile accessories. We had one goal in mind when designing the Ronin 5: to provide a case where the most important function of all is style.

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