Sevenmilli Dieslimest Duo Mesh iPhone 5 Silver

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Sevenmilli Dieslimest Duo Mesh iPhone 5 Silver
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 299.000
Location : Jawa Barat
[center]Sevenmilli Dieslimest Duo Mesh iPhone 5 Silver[/center]

Deskripsi Barang:

Sevenmilli Dieslimest Duo Mesh iPhone 5
• Brand: 7mm, Designed by Design Lab. DO in California
• Material: Polycarbonate, Medical-grade stainless steel
• Origin: Korea
• Size: Perfect fit
• Condition: Brand new
• Features:
1. Licensed by Apple, the 7MM Die Slimest Duo Mesh Case delivers the thinnest and lightest design with dual-layered protection. The dual-layered protection comprised of an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell which is sprayed with a rubber like textured paint with a medical-grade stainless-steel exterior to protect the Apple iPhone 5/5S from accidental damage. Keeping it looking as good as it did when you purchased it
2. Perforated "Dot" and "Hexagon" back design offers slick looking protection for your iPhone 5/5S
3. The sides of the case features a slightly raised bezel which is designed to protect your iPhone 5/5S's screen when the phone is dropped face down
4. 7MM Die Slimest Duo Mesh Case is designed to offer a slim profile whilst on your iPhone 5/5S, adding the minimal amount of bulk to your device. The case covers the back and the corners of your device, protecting them from impact damage, dirt and scratches. Ensuring that your iPhone 5/5S stays looking newer for longer
5. As the case is designed specifically for iPhone 5/5S, it still allows full access to vital parts of the phone. This means even when the phone is in the 7MM Die Slimest Duo Mesh Case you can still plug in a charger and headphones, whilst easilly also still being able to take pictures using the camera
6. Package contains 1 x 7MM Die Slimest Duo Mesh Case

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