High End CD Player Yamaha GT CD-1 (mint condition)

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High End CD Player Yamaha GT CD-1 (mint condition)
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CD players were introduced (Gigantic & Tremendous) thought GT was adopted in record player, such as GT-2000. The GT-CD1, and has adopted the high rigidity and non-resonant structure thorough thought the GT. Wood-based high-density particle board 60mm thickness which supplied the woodworking technology of Yamaha, the entire structure is made ​​up by the mechanical base of shaving gunmetal casting. Also, I am employed in the polyester mirror finish of the piano finish, the beautiful American walnut sounding the exterior material. In addition, the line the iron plate of 2.3mm thickness this wood base, and is directly connected to pin point leg of 60mm diameter with four hexagon steel pole opposite side of 22mm. This leg has become a height-adjustable be to the screws, leg base that can be desorbed with magnet even comes. Is bound built, the wood-based chassis frame structure with aluminum block of 8mm thickness D / A converter unit under the player section, I have adopted the non-rigid floating structure to all. I have adopted a separate structure that is completely separate the DAC section and the players parts. In addition, I have to pay a single housing dare DAC section and the player that separate of the "integrated separate structure". Further, by adopting the method of placing the DAC unit master clock and VCXO of the clock of the player unit, to achieve low jitter integrated player comparable with a separate structure. You configure the disk player based on the housing of 3kg was cut out the entire surface of gun metal casting, mechanism part, has adopted a top-entry system. The spindle motor, and has adopted increased quietness that is laminated iron plates on the bottom, a high-torque brushless motor shaft diameter of 4mm. In addition, the deal has been so that it will not be such as slip occurs during acceleration or deceleration was polished and baked rubber after shave brass, as well as ensure high precision disc table. Clamp method of disk has become a full gravity system, and has adopted the stabilizer damper machined brass own weight of 160g. By ensuring a high accuracy by directly guide tilted forward twice player unit a whole, to achieve the stabilization of the oil film in the receiving shaft and prevents the oscillation of the shaft. In addition, we have adopted the tempered glass of 10mm thick polished the lid for the top entry. Supported by the frame of aluminum, the lid has a motor drive on a computer control. It uses a 3-beam system in the optical pickup unit, and it has a structure for guiding precision two shafts.The feed mechanism, in order to pursue the smoothness of reproduction from the high speed, and to eliminate a linear motor, and employs a timing belt system according to the reduction mechanism and the 5-slot motor, and is raising the damping characteristics with stability. The D / A converter unit, it is equipped with higher precision the D / A system secondary noise shaping of Yamaha's original, I-PDM system 1bit DAC, such as TBC. The main improvement is, 4dB improve the output level can be effectively used to maximize the signal component review noise shaping. Adoption of a newly developed LSI capable of 20bit input. By Infinity zero detection, oak Anzute the output of the noise shaping circuit, and eliminate the fluctuation component.Reduces unnecessary radiation due to the high frequency noise to optimize the size of the output FET inverter, as well as optimize the waveform of the output pulse. Etc.. Further, by using a twin-DAC system for use in a right and left separate DAC that has the capacity for two channels in one chip, preventing the mutual interference. When the cancellation of the dither components by normal phase for signal components, and to output the two lines opposite phases with respect to the dither component, and combining the outputs thereof, a signal of one channel, 3dB random noise further I have realized a reduction of. DAC unit is located on the main board of the same audio amplifier unit, but by applying a copper shield, preventing interference to the audio amplifier section. Also, put up a shield plate also between each DAC, it eliminates mutual interference between channels. The adoption of twin DAC system and secondary noise shaping, we can significantly reduce the noise in the audible band. Active type of tertiary favorable sound quality is adopted as low-pass filter for this. By using a discrete transistor configuration with everything, it is a differential input, complementary output, all stages Class A Operation, audio amplifier part, to provide users with a pure amplification and transmission. In addition, we use only the audio part which has been examined by repeating the comparison auditioning used parts. In addition, the realization of Symmetrical balance circuit to separate completely independent from the DAC reverse-phase signal and a positive phase by twin DAC configuration, a built-in amplifier of the four systems in the two channels, it has realized the balance output capable of high-quality sound transmission You. The power-source part, has eliminated the mutual interference by a two transformer three winding to separate from the transformer and audio amplifier system and the servo · DAC system, divided the windings in the DAC system and the servo system further. In addition, the only audio amplifier unit, such as adopting the filter capacitor of 48000μF or more and rectifiers 15A × 2, it is equipped with a powerful power supply unit. I system is designed to make a combination of the players and walnut mirror-polyester paint finish, the DAC unit with extruded aluminum anodized finish. We have adopted a three-stage s switchable display unit. Wireless remote control is attached.

CD Player
Frequency characteristic
2Hz ~ 20kHz ± 0.5dB
Harmonic distortion
0.0015% or less (EIAJ)
Dynamic range
100dB or more
S / N ratio
120dB (EIAJ)
Channel separation
Wow and flutter
Below a limit of measurement
Analog: RCA pin unbalanced outputs
      balanced output
digital: Coaxial digital output
AC220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
External dimensions
160 × depth 405mm height width 435 ×
Wireless remote control

High End CD Player Yamaha GT CD-1 (mint condition)

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