Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 (Preamp TUBE)

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Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 (Preamp TUBE)
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 9
Location : DKI Jakarta
Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 (Preamp TUBE)

*Extremely low-noise, high-end, discrete microphone/line preamp
*Integrated high-quality 12AX7 vacuum tube
*Microphone input stages based on ultralow-noise 2SA1084 transistor pairs
*Extreme bandwidth from 2Hz to 300kHz
*Two additional high-end parametric EQs
*Independent level conversion from home to professional level (-10dBV/+4dBu)
*Super low-noise 4580 operational amplifiers
*Extremely flexible DI box function
*Soft mute +48V phantom power
*Fully sweepable, switchable high-pass filter (12dB/octave)
*Phase reverse button
*Precise twelve-segment output level display
*Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
*Professional-quality potentiometers and illuminated switches

Kondisi :
*Siap Pakai

Kelengkapan :
*Unit UltraGain
*Kabel AC Cord

Harga :
950.000 Nego

Minat :
Jakarta Pusat
HP : 0812 8111 5528
BB : 24b3269a

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