Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 (Docking for IPod,iPhone 3 & 4)

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Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 (Docking for IPod,iPhone 3 & 4)
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 250.000
Location : Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Permisi gan numpang Jual docking Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 untuk IPod,iPhone 3 & 4 bisa ngecharge iphones skaligus dengerin music & dijadiin jam meja / alarm cocok buat di samping tempat tidur / dimeja kerja... dijual karena udah ga punya iphone lagi gan...hehe...

speknya copy lapak gilengreyz...

Dubbed TIME MACHINE, this is a bedside/desktop clock device with FM radio and dual alarm functions. Made exclusively for the iPhone, this will tickle the fancy of perfectionist iPhone lovers. By downloading a free app onto your iPhone, you'll be able to watch your phone fit seamlessly with the device to become part of its unique design. Also comes with remote control so you'll be able to flip channels, switch songs and adjust the volume from the comfort of your bed.

Time Machine is made for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G. The "DualAlarmClockFMRadio" app needs to be installed in order for the clock face effect and dual alarm to be functional. It is also fully compatible with the iPod Touch; however it can only charge and play music from iPods due to the absence of the app function.

Inline microphone
- Mobile Link Pro 75 (0.75m cable length)
- Extra pair of high quality ear cushions
- SonicGear's gold plated 3.5mm jack

Technical Specifications
- Built-in speaker dimension : 2 X 1"
- Impedance : 4
- Sensitivity : 452mV
- Frequency response : 80HZ-20KHZ
- Total system power : RMS 3W
- FM frequency range : 87.5MHZ - 108.0MHZ

penampakannya nih gan
Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 (Docking for IPod,iPhone 3 & 4)
Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 (Docking for IPod,iPhone 3 & 4)
Sonicgear Time Machine iP12 (Docking for IPod,iPhone 3 & 4)

soal kelengkapan dijamin lengkap sama plastik-plastiknya...
sengaja ga dikeluarin emang males gan ngerapihinnya...
nanti bisa cek kok kalau mau cod...

ane mau jual santai aja 250rb (no nego ya gan) hehehe...
bisa cod di depan UKDW
atau di jakarta dari tanggal 8...
rekber, kirim2 bisa...yang tanggung buyernya tapi...
tenang sekalipun newbie ane ga pernah tipu2 gan...emoticon-Ngakak
cp : 083899359825 (frans)
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compatible sama ipod touch 5th gen gak ?
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sold out ya gan...thanks..makasih..