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Travel Planner
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 150.000
Location : Jawa Barat
Hellooo emoticon-Smilie

Do you want to do a trip or a vacation with family or friends?

You're confused to your destination? Where you have to go, what are the estimated costs necessary?

If yes, then you are allowed to smile now emoticon-Smilie hehe why?
Because you're in the right place!

I was an expert in personal travel plans. Transportation, lodging, attractions, necessary costs and so forth.

It might take a little expensive cost if you buy ready-made tour packages to travel agents.

If you do and plan it yourself, then it would be more efficient. Trust me emoticon-Smilie.
For that I came to help you plan your trip. anywhere!!!!!!!

It had a net cost, just pay me Rp. 150.000 then you will get a travel itinerary and instructions on how you can get there.

It will be easier for you to plan your trip. Or .... you can also buy a package that is already ready, which already set for all the travel route, accomodation, transport, and the cost of fixed costs required. Like you buy to travel agent

The price variants, depending on where you are going and how many people emoticon-Smilie

*but if you only need the itinerary of its course, then you simply pay rate that I requested above hehehe emoticon-Smilie


Mau liburan Gan???
Bingung tempat nginep, transport ama tujuan wisata nya???


Agan uda tepat baca iklan ane disini emoticon-Smilie

Ane seorang travel planner Gan...
pengalaman lebih dr 3 taun lebih di dunia travel industry
Klo Agan butuh bantuan travel itinerary ama petunjuk tour Agan, simple bgt Gan...

Agan tinggal bayar ane sesuai tarif ane diatas, tapi kita contact2 dulu buat jalan discusi dan mencari kesepakan antara kita untuk segala kemungkinan nya.

Klo uda,,,,
Baru dech ane kerjain hihihii
Domestik / Indonesia ane kerjain max.2 hari. Internasional ane kerjain max.3 hari.

Atau Agan boleh beli paket jd ama Ane layaknya Agan beli ke travel agent, ke ane jg bisa hihihi. Buat yg ini harganya variant, tergantung route, jnis transport, dan jumlah peserta.

Pembayaran buat travel itinerary ditransfer klo pket uda ready. kita saling tuker ntar...

Ane kasih itinerary, Agan bayar ane hihihi

Tp klo pket jadi....

Agan bayar pelunasan paling telat 5 hari sebelum keberangkatan. DP nya info menyusul...

InsyaAllah Gak akan mengecewakan Gan emoticon-Smilie

Ditunggu yaaaaaa

More info pls contact me:
Hp. 081313704019
BB. 76671409