Jual E-Book Musik (part1)

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Jual E-Book Musik (part1)
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 10.000
Location : DKI Jakarta
Permisi agan buka lapak nie Ane, barangkali ada yang cari E-book musik
cukup 10rb per Ebook, E book+Mp3 15rb

bisa hub ane di WA 081298654309/ Pin 29439bf3
transaksi via BCA : 7510193801 mandiri : 0060004373076
di burn via CD, minimal pembelian 5 Ebook
harga diluar ongkir

berikut ini list nya :

A Handbook for Composition and Analysis
Alan Belkin - Principles of Counterpoint
Alan Belkin - Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Orchestration
Alan Belkin - Una Guía Práctica de Composición Musical
Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory book 1 - 3
Alfred's Practical Music Theory Complete
Alpha Books - The Complete Idiot's Guide To.Songwriting
Arnold Schoenberg - Structural Functions of Harmony (1954)
Arnold Schoenberg - Fundamentals Of Musical Composition
Arranging Techniques For Synthesists
Basic Music Theory - How To Read, Write and Understand Music Notation
Baynton Power - How To Compose Music
Berklee - Arranging
Berklee College of Music - Theories of Harmony
Bill Dobbins - jazz arranging and composing a linear apporach
Bill Evans - Harmony
Bill Evans - Jazz Improvisation
Brahms - Thesis
Citron, Stephen - Song Writing (A Complete Guide to the Craft)
Composing for the jazz orchestra
Composing music, a new approach
Contemporary Music Forum
Dante Agostini -Rhythm exercises
DAVID bAKER -Arranging and Composing
Davis, Sheila - The Craft of Lyric Writing
Extremes of Conventional Music Notation
Guitarra - How to write songs on guitar
Gesang Der Junglinge - History and Analysis
Harmony 1-4 - Berklee College of Music -- Barrie Netles
Hearing and writing music
Heinrich Schenker - Harmony (1906)
Herbie Hancock - Classic Jazz Composition & Piano Solos
Hiroaki Honshuku - JAZZ Theory 1
Kai Lassfolk - Music Notation As An Object
Music Theory for Songwriters
Music Notation As An Object
Music Theory For Guitar Part 1
MI - Harmony and Theory
Notation Tips
Principles of Harmony
RamonRicker -
Reginald Smith Brindle - Serial Composition (1966)
Richard Brown - How to Turn your Words into a Song
Ron Miller - Modal Jazz Composition and Harmony, Vol. 1
Ron Miller - Modal Jazz Composition and Harmony, Vol. 2
Rooksby - How To Write Songs On Guitar
Sheila Davis - The Songwriters Idea Book
Sheila Davis- The Craft of Lyric Writing
Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly By Mark Phillips
songwriting and the guitar
SOS (Sound on Sound Magazine) - Composing & Arranging
Standard Music Engraving Practice
Steve Mugglin -Musical theory for songwriters
Terry Cox - You Can Write Lyrics
The Secrets of Songwriting - Susan Tucker
The Red Book - Jazz Theory
Tom Gerou & Linda Lusk - Essential dictionary of music notation
Visual Perception of Music Notation
William Russo - Composing for the Jazz Orchestra


Bass guitar - Bass Slap Style Techniques
Bass Solo
Bass Tapping
Berklee College of Music - Practice Method For Bass
Jaco Pastorius - Modern Electric Bass
Jeff Berlin - a Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass 1987
John Patitucci - Electric Bass
Slap Bass - Alexis Sklarevski
Stuart Hamm - Slap, Pop & Tap for The Bass
The Improviser's Bass Method - Chuck Sher
Walking Bass Solo Book

5500 Guitar Chords - Hal Leonard
Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist - Stephen Ross - Booklet + Audio
BlueOysterCult-Cult-Classic (gtr)
Bogdanovic Dusan - Counterpoint for Guitar
Cream-DisrealiGears (gtr)
Characteristic of Heavy Metal Chord
Chord-Melody Phrases For Guitar (book+audio)
Dream Theater Anthology
Eric Johnson - Total Electric Guitar
Frank Gambale - Chop Buider
Frank Vignola - Jazz Solos, vol 2 (book+audio)
Gary Moore - Ballads and Blues
George Benson - The best
Guitar Hero3-Full tab
Guitar, Setup, Maintenance & Repair - John Levan
Guitarra - How to write songs on guitar
Guitar Design Book - Jim Donahue
Guitar Lessons - Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar And Bass
Guitarra - How to write songs on guitar
Isaac Albeniz - Suite Espanola Op.47
Improvising Without Scales-The Intervallic Guitar System
Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar 1 - Troy Stetina
Jazz guitar technique in 20 weeks - howard roberts
Jazz Guitar - Creative Comping, Soloing, and Improv
Joe Pass & Herb Ellis - Jazz Duets
John Coltrane - Patterns (Jazz-Sax[1].com, 1999)
Jimi Hendrix - Lead Style (book+audio)
Jody Fisher - Vol.1 - Beginning Jazz Guitar(Book+CD)
Jody Fisher - Vol.2 The Complete Jazz Guitar Method - Intermediate (book+audio)
Jody Fisher - Vol.3 The Complete Jazz Guitar Method - Mastering Chord Melody (book+audio)
Jody Fisher - Vol 4 The Complete Jazz Guitar Method - Mastering Improvisation (book+audio)
Joe Diorio - A Guitar Approach To Rhythm Changes [BOOK+AUDIO]
Joe Satriani - 1987 - Surfing With The Alien
Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet
Joe Satriani - Is There Love in Space
Joe Satriani - The_Extremist
Joe Satriani- Time_Machine_1
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
MelBay - (Gtr) CompleteHarmony, theory, voicing
Music Theory For Guitar Part 1
Music Theory For The Rock Guitarist - Ben Bolt Mel Bay
Pink Floyd - Guitar Anthology
Paul Gilbert - Guitars From Mars 1
Paul Gilbert - Guitars From Mars 2
Paul Gilbert - Terrifying Guitar 101
Paul Gilbert - Terryfing Guitar Trip
Steve Morse - Chordal Technique And The Craft Of Composition
Steve Vai - Alien_love_secrets
Steve Vai - 10 Hour Workout
Steve Vai - 30 Hour Path To Virtuoso Enlightenment
Steve Vai - Guitar Book
Steve Vai - Guitar Styles & Techniques
Steve Vai - Passion & Warfare
Steve Vai - Ultra Zone
T-Bone Walker - Vital Blues Guitar (book+mp3)
tele master guitar (book+mp3)
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Playing The Guitar
The Diminished Scale Workbook
Terrifying-Technique-for-Guitar (book+mp3)
Total Guitar - The ultimate scale book
Toto-GuitarAnthology Series
Ultimate Play-Along - Country (BOOK+CD)
VA_Guitar Play Along - Jazz
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Hot Licks
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Play Loud!
Zakk Wilde - Style Study