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Melodia Musik Jakarta - JHS Colourbox - Neve 1073 in a stompbox!
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Posted on : 08-04-2015 10:22
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Kali ini kita ada pedal preamp dahsyat dari pabrikan efek butik Amerika, JHS. Pedal ini diberi nama Colour Box, dengan desain yang luar biasa menarik, pedal ini pada dasarnya adalah emulasi preamp Neve 1073 dalam bentuk stompbox. Menariknya lagi, kalo agan-agan emang suka main sound fuzz, atau overdrive jadul, Colour Box ini merupakan solusi yang sangat tepat. Ga usah banyak cerita lagi, cek aja speknya gan. Cekidot!

Product Description :

The JHS Pedals Colour Box - vintage recording console sound, at your feet!

In 1961 a British engineer would start a company from a spare room in his England home that would permanently change the history of the Pro Audio industry. This company set a trajectory for musical tones that spanned across genres and impacted every generation that followed. We are talking about the infamous piece of gear known as the Neve* recording console. The JHS Colour Box is a tribute to the legend and application of how a piece of gear can change music.

Have you ever heard songs like the Beatles "Revolution", or Motown classics like Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, or even the modern Radiohead's "Bodysnatchers" and thought, "How are they getting that guitar sound?" Well, the answer is sort of clothed in obscurity, but it's actually created by the simplest practical application - plugging a guitar directly into a vintage studio console and recording "direct in." The JHS Pedals ColorBox is designed and created to allow you to recreate these infamous guitar tones with your live rig, or in a studio environment by using 100% analog circuitry true to the design and schematic of vintage Neve* circuitry. The ColourBox is completely free from any digital modeling. Never before have "direct in" tones been available from your guitar amp in the way that the Color Box delivers them. Aside from creating these "direct in" tones, the Colour Box covers all the ground that you would expect a high quality studio preamp to cover.

From your microphone, bass, keyboard, or even your acoustic guitar, the Colour Box it does it all.

Whats Inside?
JHS Pedals have gone to great lengths to bring the color and character of a real vintage console to your feet or desktop. They started with two gain stages in series that produce beautiful clean tones but that can also destroy any signal into a beautiful fuzzy mess, full of rich harmonics and body with over 39db of gain on tap. The local feedback of each gain stage makes for a very unique type of distortion. The same topology and discrete gain stage found in the Neve* 1073 was used, but there are two gain stages in series instead of one. A high quality Lundahl transformer is used that adds weight, heft, and a 3D quality just like preamps that you will find costing much more. The transformer fattens the lows, adds harmonic complexity and richness to the midrange (kinda like stirring flour into your drippings to give you gravy) as well as smoothing and rounding of the high frequencies. It also blocks all DC voltages, adds electrical isolation, and blocks RF frequencies ensuring super quiet operation and noise floor.

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