BNIB: AnalogMan Standard Chorus 'Analog Chorus' Pedal (US made)

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BNIB: AnalogMan Standard Chorus 'Analog Chorus' Pedal (US made)
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Posted on : 15-03-2016 14:45
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AnalogMan Standard Chorus 'Analog Chorus' Pedal (US made) *AnalogMan R&D US made high class Guitar & Bass Pedals*

Technical details:
The Analog Man Chorus was the first boutique chorus and had been tweaked and perfected for over ten years to keep it the standard of the industry. This is the original size and is available with options like STEREO, Depth toggle, and internal MIX control.
The Analog Man Chorus now has true bypass (since 2000), depth knob, and cool silk-screened, darker blue hammertone powder-coated cases for durability. Also using the highest quality circuit boards, double-sided to isolate the signal from any noise, and professionally soldered for perfect, reliable circuitry. These also have more shielding, less jumpers, and no volume drop when the pedal is switched ON. Still has the same awesome sounding circuit!
Starting in July 2003, we are now having our own heavy duty cases made for the standard Chorus. They still look about the same but now only 2 short screws need to be removed for changing the battery. They were steel up to 5/04, then they were made from aluminum. This is more expensive for us but we like aluminum best for corrosion resistance and ease of machining. Starting in 2005, we use the ultimate - aluminum top (not too heavy, good machining properties) and steel bottom (bottom heavy balance, pedal feels the "right" weight in your hand).

• True bypass on / off switch, no loss of tone when off.
• LED ON/OFF status indicator.
• Battery disconnected when INPUT cord removed.
• Battery disconnected when POWER CABLE inserted.
• Standard Power jack on all models, allows BOSS style PSA adaptor (barrel type, 2.1mm x 5.5mm).
• 120Vac -> 9vDC Wall-wart Adaptor available for $15 extra.
• We also have 12V DC Adaptors available, also $15.
• Low current draw - under 10mA when ON!
• Old depth switch replaced by depth control knob allowing exact settings of depth.
• Speed control knob, from low speed to faster than a leslie.
• All aNaLoG full chorus, original 1024 stage bucket brigade chip used for high fidelity, organic sound.
• Super high quality circuit boards: double sided, highly shielded for low noise.
• Sockets used for all chips, for easier replacement in the rare case of a failure.
• JRC4558 op amp used, as in the TS-808 mod, in place of generic 4558 chip.
• One year warrantee to the original purchaser but does not cover damage caused by misuse or overenthusiastic stomping. And we will do our best to keep them working forever and for future owners.
• Cool silk-screened case with durable powdercoating
• Strong, High quality custom aluminum / steel box, only 2 screws to remove to get to battery. Slightly smaller than an MXR phase-100.
• Size : 3.75" (9.5 cm) wide x 4.6" (11.7 cm) length x 2" (5 cm) tall
• Input and output jacks are on the sides, beside the switch. Only the BICHORUS has option for top jacks if you prefer that.
• Internal BIAS trim pot does not need adjustment, factory set. But if you experience distortion, adjust it to the middle of the range in which chorusing is heard and the distortion should stop. Also make sure the battery is fresh for least distortion. Here is a picture of a TRIM POT, turn the white center part with a small screwdriver. The factory setting is marked with a black line.
• Stereo option! This was the first stereo pedal that was made available with true bypass. Normal (top) output on STEREO version is exactly the same sound as the Standard MONO chorus pedal.
• Stereo is TRUE STEREO outputs. Each side is heard chorused, not like some pedals with one side dry and one side effected. One side dry is simple - any pedal can easily have the wet and dry come out seperate jacks. It takes no additional circuitry on a chorus pedal to do that. However with true stereo on each side, if you record in stereo and later mix or play it back into mono, the chorus will be lost. This is the same with Boss CE-2, Ibanez CS-9, Arion stereo chorus, and almost all other stereo choruses.

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