BNIB: Keeley Mod Workstation 'Analog Multi-Effect' (US made)

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BNIB: Keeley Mod Workstation 'Analog Multi-Effect' (US made)
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Posted on : 07-07-2016 11:55
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Keeley Mod Workstation 'Analog Multi-Effect' (US made) *Keeley Electronics US made high class Guitar & Bass Gear*

Technical details:
Powerful Analog Multi-effects Unit from Keeley
Keeley stuffed this Mod Workstation multi-effects pedal full of popular and adventurous modulation effects of the highest quality. Tremolo, chorus, phaser, and rotary speaker simulation are all in there, plus a lot more. The addition of two of Keeley's hottest overdrives and a Katana boost make the Mod Workstation a great candidate for a standalone, grab-and-go pedalboard for rehearsals and fly dates. And you can utilize the effects insert and tap tempo input to add any additional shades you choose for a full-featured effects setup.

Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal at a Glance:
- Eight Keeley-quality modulation effects
- British-style amp tones
- The Oxblood is Keeley's ultimate overdrive
- Eight Keeley-quality modulation effects

The modulation effects that populate the Keeley Mod Workstation multi-effects pedal run the gamut from vintage-sounding tremolo pulse to the oscillating and random filter that sounds like a blend of a vibe and an autowah. A harmonic tremolo, phaser, automatic double tracker, chorus/vibrato, and flanger can also be found inside this analog multi-effects device. Some of these tones are already Keeley classics, while others are brand-new designs that Keeley feels have been recently perfected.
British-style amp tones
The first overdrive stage you'll hit is Keeley's 1962, which gives you the sound of a British amp-style tone based closely on a vintage Blues Breaker combo. Its touch sensitivity and ability to add warmth and bark to your tone make it a wonderful sound to build on. And the Mod Workstation lets you use that sound in conjunction with the Katana Boost for added harmonic content and drive. Or you can use the Katana by itself for the clean output bump that has made it a favorite among countless guitarists, especially here at Sweetwater.
The Oxblood is Keeley's ultimate overdrive
The Oxblood circuit in the Mod Workstation is what Robert Keeley defines as their "ultimate overdrive." The pedal uses the great Centaur pedal as an inspiration but takes that voice in a very powerful and new direction. The addition of a Phat switch to the typical Level, Drive, and Tone controls allows you to choose a full-range sound with plenty of low-end content or a bit of a low cut that gets you closer to popular TS-style drives. But this overdrive really sets itself apart by being able to effortlessly go from clean boost to over-the-top fuzz and everything in between.

- Made in USA
- Multi-effects featuring top-notch modulation
- 8 Keeley mod effects like chorus, phase, flanger, and many more
- Katana Boost can be run separately or with 1962 overdrive
- 1962 is based on vintage British crunch
- Oxblood overdrive is Keeley's ultimate overdrive design
The Keeley Mod Workstation may be all you need on your next gig.

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