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Lokasi : Jawa Timur
Kondisi : Baru
Wicca : Spell
Necronomicon : Witchcraft
Pagan : Magic
Posted on : 14-01-2017 14:53
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Dilihat : 1596 kali
Last Sundul : 08 November 2017, 09:31:50 PM

Penjelasan Produk


Buku bacaan dan pelajaran wajib bagi penganut okultisme, dark realm, magick (bukan magic / sulap) atau bagi yang sedang mengadakan riset.

Sebagian dari buku-buku tersebut memiliki gambar-gambar ilustrasi yang cantik dan mantra-mantra maupun tata cara pembuatan sigil yg asli.
Semua buku tersebut masih dalam bahasa aslinya, karena di scan dari buku aslinya tanpa di ubah atau di kurangi. Di scan dalam resolusi tinggi agar dapat di baca secara jelas, karena kekunoan buku terkadang membuat scan biasa tidak mampu menghasilkan hasil scan yang baik.

Membutuhkan waktu bertahun-tahun untuk men-scan dan membuat digital copynya. Karena hanya sedikit buku-buku tersebut terdapat di perpustakaan umum. Lebih banyak merupakan koleksi pribadi yang di rahasiakan dari orang-orang di luar kalangan.

Jika ada pertanyaan langsung WA aja gan. Maaf ane tidak melayani quote maupun PM.
Call / WA di +62 823 2598 0000

Berminat? Langsung cek judul bukunya aja gan:

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Unknown Author (n.d)

The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King by A. Crowley (1904)

Demonology & Witchcraft by W Scott (n.d)

A collection of rare and curious tracts on witchcraft and the second sight; with an original essay on witchcraft by D. Webster (1820)

A confirmation and discovery of witchcraft by J. Stearn (1973)

A dweller on two planets or, The dividing of the way by Phylos The Thibetan (1905)

A short history of the Salem village witchcraft trials by M. Perley (1911)

A suggestive inquiry into the hermetic mystery by M. A. Atwood (1850)

A system of magic by D. Defoe (1840)

A vindication of a complete history of magick, sorcery, and withcraft by R. Boulton (1722)

Advanced course in Yogi philosophy and oriental occultism by Y. Ramacharaka (1905)

Affusions to witchcraft and other primitive beliefs in the Zoroastrian literature by L. Frachtenberg(1911)

An encyclopaedia of occultism a compendium of information on the occult sciences, occult personalities, psychic science, magic, demonology, spiritism and mysticism by L. Spence(1920)

An historical, physiological and theological treatise of spirffs, apparitions, witchcrafts, and other magical practices by J. Beaumont (1705)

An history of magic, witchcraft, and animal magnetism Vol. 1 by J. Colquhoun (1851)

An history of magic, witchcraft, and animal magnetism Vol. 2 by J. Colquhoun (1851)

Annals ofwitchcraft in New England and elsewhere in the Unffed States, from their first
Settlement by S. Drake (18xx)

Ars Notoria - The Notory Art of Solomon by R. Turner (1999) Babylonian Magic And Sorcery by L. King (1896)

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by R. Buckland (n.d)

Clothed with the sun, being The Book of the illuminations by A. Kingsford (1912)

De Occufta Philosophia (1533)

Demonology and Witchcraft- The Doctrines of Demons by R. Brown (1889) Dictionnaire des sciences occuties by J. Coffin de Plancy (1860)

Die Elemente der Kabbalah. Ubersetzungen, Erlauterungen und Abhandlungen by E.

Dizionario di scienze occufte by A. Pappalardo (1922)

Fragments of truth by R. lngalese (1921)

Henry Cornelius Agrippa's Fourth book of occult philosophy, and geomancy by H.

Histoire des sciences occuftes by A. Debay (1869)

History of Salem Witchcraft by H Stowe (1886)

Hours with the ghosts, or, Nineteenth century witchcraft, frustrated investigations into the phenomena of spiritualism and theosophy by H. Evans (1897)

Human animals by F. Hamel (1915)

Hypnotism, mesmerism and the new witchcraft by E. Hart (1896)

affiliation, human and solar by A. Bailey (1922)

King Philip's War and Witchcraft in New England by T. Hutchinson (1890)

La magie et astrologist dans f'antiquffe et au moyen iige by L. F. Maury (1864)

Le clef des grands mysti!:res by E. Levi (1861)

Le sabbat de sorciers by E. Tienturier (1890)

Letters from the teacher (of the Order of the 15) by Rahmea (c1909)

Liber Nuff and the Psychonaut by P. Carroff (n.d)

Magic and mystery- a popular history by A. Thompson (1894) Magic and witchcraft by G. Moir (1852)

Manuel bibliographique des sciences psychiques ou occuftes by A. Caiflet (1912)

Modern magic by M. Schele de Vere (1873)

Mysteries unveiled- the hoary past comes forward with astonishing messages for the prophetic future by W Redding (1896)

Naos -A Practical Guide to Modern Magick by T. West

Narratives of sorcery and magic, from the most authentic sources by T. Wright (1852)

Narratives of the witchcraft cases, 1648-1706 by G. Burr (1914)

Natural magick by J. Porta (1658)

New fight from the great pyramid by A. Parsons (1893)

Notes on the history of witchcraft in Massachusetts by G. Moore (1883)

Occult phenomena in the fight of theology by A. Weisinger (1957)

Occult science in India and among the ancients, with an account of their mystic initiations, and the history of spiritism by W Felt (1908)

Practical Occultism by H. Bfavatsky (1939)

Salem witchcraft- with an account of Salem viffage, and a history of opinions on witchcraft and kindred subjects by C. Upham (1867)

Scientific occultism, a hypothetical basis of fife by D. Hatch (1905)

Self mastery for students of the occult by F. Daniels (1913)

Some philosophy of the Hermetic by Anonymous Author (1898)

Strange phenomena of New England in the seventeenth century including the Salem witchcraft, 1692. by C. Mather (1846)

The amber witch the most interesting trial for witchcraft ever known by W Meinhold

The astrologer of the nineteenth century by Raphael (1825)

The Asuri-Kafpa a witchcraft practice of the Atharva-Veda by H. Magoun (1889)

The canon- an exposition of the pagan mystery perpetuated in the Cabala as the rule of aff the arts by W Stirling (1897)

The consciousness of the atom by A. Bailey (1922)

The cradle of the twin giants, science and history Vol. 1 by H. Christmas (1849)

The cradle of the twin giants, science and history Vol. 2 by H. Christmas (1849)

The discoveries of witchcraft by R. Scot (1886)

The doctrine and literature of the kabafah by A. Waite (1902)

The gates of knowledge by R. Steiner (1912)

The greater Key of Solomon pt. 1 by L. de Laurence (1916)

The greater Key of Solomon pt. 2 by L. de Laurence (1916)

The greater Key of Solomon pt. 3 by L. de Laurence (1916)

The history of magic Vol. 1 by J. Ennemoser (1854)

The history of magic Vol. 2 by J. Ennemoser (1854)

The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology (1926)

The Kabbala the true science of fight; an introduction to the philosophy and theosophy of the ancient sages by S. Pancoast (1877)

The Kabbalah its doctrines, development, and literature by C. Ginsburg (1920)

The Kybafion; a study of the hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece, by
Three Initiates 1908)

The occult sciences - The philosophy of magic, prodigies and apparent miracles by E.

The other world; or, Glimpses of the supernatural by F. Lee (1875)

The philosophy of fire by R. Clymer (1920)

The philosophy of witchcraft by J. Mitcheff (1839)

The Sacred Magic of Abramefin the Mage Vol. 1 by A. ben Simeon (1900)

The Sacred Magic of Abramefin the Mage Vol. 2 by A. ben Simeon (1900)

The Sacred Magic of Abramefin the Mage Vol. 3 by A. ben Simeon (1900)

The secret book of the black arts by H. Williams (1878)

The secret doctrine in Israel; a study of the Zohar and its connections by A. Waite

The secrets of black arts! A key note to witchcraft by f. Ottenheimer (1900)

The sixth and seventh books of Moses - the wonderful magical and spirit arts by L. de

The superstitions of witchcraft by H. Williams (1865)

The witch-cult in western Europe- a study in anthropology by M. Murray (1921)

Three books of occult philosophy or magic by H. Agrippa Von Nettesheim (1898)

Witch Hill a history of Salem witchcraft, including illustrative sketches of persons and
places by Z. Mudge (1870)

Witchcraft and medicine 1484-1793 by J. Nemec (1974)

Witchcraft and superstitious record in the south-western district of Scotland­
witchcraft, fairy fore, wreaths, death customs, ghost fore by J. Wood (1911)

Witchcraft in North Carolina by T. Cross (1919)
Witchcraft of New England explained by modern spiritualism by A. Putnam (1881) Witchcraft or The art offortune-teffing unveiled by W Pinchbeck (1805) Within the temple of Isis by B. Wagner (1899)

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