OneLight Photography Workshop 2 DVD by Zack Arias

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OneLight Photography Workshop 2 DVD by Zack Arias
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Posted on : 24-01-2017 05:59
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OneLight Photography Workshop 2 DVD by Zack Arias


One of the best photography workshop youll get your hands on! not one second is boring or wasted with this awesome and fantastic tutorial! each dvd is worth 250! I have worked very hard to make this a product you are going to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by. It is not a DVD about me talking about me. It is not a DVD with a dude in a studio going on and on and on about mountains of technical jargon.It isnt a 2 hour commercial for my corporate sponsor.

Headlines training of:
– Basic concepts in photography
– Introduction to photography equipment
– Concepts related to Exposure
– Shot on location or in the studio shooting
– Introduction to Lighting in Photography

Disc One:
Opening Thoughts :: Exposure Control :: Gear (lights, stands, triggers, etc.) :: Modifiers (Umbrellas, soft boxes, grids, etc.) :: Indoor shoot and then 2 location shoots with the same client. During these shoots I methodically talk through my thinking process and how I am finding exposure and warming up to shooting and working with clients. These are slower paced for teaching purposes.

Disc Two:
I pick up the pace on Disc Two and we do a lot of shooting. Youll follow me on shoots with 3 individuals and one band. Im more in shooting mode than teaching mode on this disc but I am still talking through the process of what Im looking for in the final photo, how Im going to get there, what type of light and modifier I need to get the job done, and how to work with situations when things just arent perfect.
I end the DVD with some information about my workflow in Lightroom. Im not a workflow teacher. I have a system that works for me and Im always improving it. Finally, the montage and credits are pretty cool.Stick around for those.
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