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Langganan Spy Phone App Untuk Monitor Smartphone
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Spy Phone App info

Phone requirements
For now we offer support for Android and iOS. You will need any Android version higher than 2.3 - GINGERBREAD or any iPhone/iPad with a higher version of iOS than 6.x. This means that the application can run on the newest and most used versions of Android like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, KitKat or iOS 8.x, 7.x

Install Spy Phone App
First of all you must have physical possession of the smartphone in order to install the application. After you install the application you should run the application in order to register your phone. When you run the application you will have to enter an email and a password. In order to register the phone you will need a connection to the internet. Your email and password will be saved on our server and you will have to use them for logging in into our website. If the phone was registered before, the email will be filled with your email from your previous installation and you will have to enter the password from the previous installation.
After you enter your login credentials you must specify the name for this phone. After this the application is installed on the smartphone and it already sends logs to our server (if the phone has an internet connection. if not after two days in which the phone doesn't send logs, the app will detect when an internet connection is available and it will send logs). In a few hours you can login to our site in order to see the logs.

Please see:
- How to install Spy Phone App for Android
- How to install Spy Phone App for iOS

Sending Logs
In order for a mobile spy to send the sms, phone, gps and system logs to the server you must enable the Internet connection for the smartphone. Our application will try to send periodically the logs to our server but if there is no internet connection the logs will not be lost. They will be sent when a internet connection will be available.

MMS/SMS logs
The application records the sent and received texts so you can spy on SMS and MMS. You will see the GPS position (for the phone where you have installed the application) when the MMS/SMS was received/sent. The outgoing phone number will be integrated with the phone's contacts. It saves the text for both SMS and MMS. For MMS it also saves any attached image, and after the log is sent to the server you will be able to see or download that image.

Phone logs
The application will track incoming or outgoing phone calls. The contact name and the duration of the call are saved. You will be able to listen to the actual call. You can record three free phone calls during the trial period (only for Android). If you are satisfied with this feature you can buy a subscription including call recording features and after that all phone calls will be recorded. Call recorder spy.

GPS logs
You can spy on GPS logs since they are recorded for every phone call, SMS and system log. But they can also be recorded periodically - for this type of GPS logs, you will have full access on the website. In order for these logs to be accurate you should have GPS enabled (and GPS signal) or at least Wi-Fi or Mobile Network enabled. When using a Wi-fi or Mobile Network the GPS coordinates may not be very accurate.

Browser logs
Using this application you can track the Internet browser logs as well. The main domain name and the date when it was accessed will be saved. We support the default Android browser, S-browser (Galaxy S5 browser), Chrome (for Android) and Safari browser (for iPhone / iPad). If you use another browser like Mozilla or Dolphin you will have to install at least v11.1 and you also have to enable accessibility access.

System logs
The phone spy application tracks shutdown or power on logs. It also records phone ring logs like set to vibrate or set to silent. You can also see when the SIM card was changed.

Cost and Discounts
The mobile spy application is free to download. Anyone can download the application from our website. Without any cost, logs will be sent to the website if you install the application. At first when you login to the website, for three days you will have full access to see your logs. If you are happy with the application, after the trial period you will have to make a payment in order to have full access to the logs on the website.

If you will register for a longer period of time you will get a discount (up to 50% for a year). If you plan to register multiple phones you will also get a discount (up to 50% for ten phones or more). To subscribe for a month, the price for the basic subscription is $10.00. If you need also the call recording feature or the record surroundings feature, you will need to pay $20.00 for a month. With all the discounts you can register 10 phones for a year for only $200.00.

Logs configuration
You will have different configuration option available in the account menu in the site. You will have the possibility to disable Gps logs, disable Browser logs and modify the time interval for gps logs and the time interval for sending data to the server.

From Spy Phone App version 11 for Android, you can track the messages from Whatsapp notifications - without ROOT. You only need to allow notification access to Spy Phone App. More info on Whatsapp spy.

From Spy Phone App version 11.3 for Android, you can track the sent messages for Whatsapp - without ROOT. The process is very simple, all you need to do is to enable accessibility access.

Whatsapp messages are only recorded if you are in the trial period or you have an active subscription.

Other social applications
At this moment our application does not require ROOT to spy on Facebook, to spy on Viber, to spy on Skype, or to spy on Line messages. We only recommend Root to get full text conversations.

From Spy Phone App version 11 for Android, you can track the messages from notifications. This works for Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik, Tango, Snapchat, Hangouts and Twitter.
More info on Tracking social media messages without ROOT. For this method the application needs notification access.

From Spy Phone App version 11.3 for Android, you can track the sent messages for social media. The process is very simple, all you need to do is to enable accessibility access. Currently we do not support all social media messaging apps but with every update we are adding new applications. Please try to keep Spy Phone App up to date in order to have the latest features.

Social media messages are only recorded if you are in the trial period or you have an active subscription.

Surroundings - ambient sound recording
Starting with Spy Phone App version seven (the Android release), you can record even surroundings by sending an SMS to the target phone. You can use this feature only if you have included call recording and surroundings feature on your subscription. Surroundings spy.

SMS commands - Live control
Through SMS commands you can restart internet, start internet, stop internet, restart GPS, restart settings, restart Wi-Fi, start Wi-Fi, stop Wi-Fi, record surroundings, take picture, take front picture, list contacts, list apps of the target phone which is running Android operating system. Those messages were developed as a parental control solution or to try to recover the phone if it was lost or stolen. Please use SMS commands only for these purposes.

We do not take any responsibility if these commands are used for other purposes other than those for which they were designed.

Multimedia tracking
You can track the photos taken with your phone. This also works for the photos sent with social applications like Whatsapp. You can also track the videos made with the phone or downloaded on the phone. For the video, we only store a selection of pictures. Sending the entire movie to our servers could generate a lot of internet traffic and this may be expensive.
DISCLAIMER - Spy Phone App is intended for legal uses ONLY. It is a violation of the law to install surveillance software onto a mobile phone you do not have the right to monitor.

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