Guitar/Gitar Effect/Efek Joyo Vintage overdrive Pedal FX

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Guitar/Gitar Effect/Efek Joyo Vintage overdrive Pedal FX
Rp 415.000
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Posted on : 04-05-2017 22:05
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Berat : 600 gram
Last Sundul : 20 August 2017, 02:51:38 PM

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For starters, the JF-01 uses the famed RC4588 chip, which provides a nice, warm overdriven tone to your guitar’s signal. With the Drive turned all the way down and the Tone at about 1:00, this pedal can be used as a really nice-sounding clean boost. Crisp and light with a touch of heat, I was surprised by the immediate range this pedal showed. Crank up the Drive knob and here is your Tube Screamer sound. A 12:00-ish setting is a classic driven boost, while 3:00 and beyond gets you some raging sounds and will drive your amp into that sweet spot we all know and adore. Not an EXACT copy, mind you, but you are basically getting one of the classic drive pedal sounds for less than thirty dollars, and it can also be used as a clean boost, so it’s value is doubled right there.

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